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  1. Christian, I already know how to attach a file, please re-read what stapp & I wrote. Thank you Michelle
  2. Ahh, I didn't see a note above the "file upload" area mentioning that. Maybe you can put that there (unless I missed it). Thanks Michelle
  3. It worked!!! Yippeee I searched for brother in the programs seciton & it found 3 br entries. Even though it said allowed, once I trusted them it worked. Why doesn't "allowed" work? Also when I tried to upload the csv file you wanted, the site said I couldn't Thank you for all your help & have a lovely day. Michelle
  4. Hi, Yes I already did that yesterday & the scanner worked fine when I exited out of OA. Here's what's in the history yesterday. I don't know the exact time I was on the phone with Brother, but it was around 11-1 pm. http://i972.photobucket.com/albums/ae209/michellek2010/OnlineArmorreBrotherPrinter.jpg Thanks Michelle
  5. Ok, sorry once again, I was in a huge rush when I was responding. Here's everything else... 1. XP proff. 32, SP3 2. OA vs. - Free 3. I have anti vira & did have MBAM, someone told me to uninstall it, now it's back on my computer. I was on the phone with Brother today & she said that the firewall could be blocking the scanner. Last time it happened the techi said the same thing & when I entered in their ports, it worked, so it must have something to do with OA. How do I find the entries to put them on the trusted list? I'm still new to OA. I don't ever recolect tel
  6. Sorry. It's blocking me from scaning through the unit itself. If I want to scan through the software I can. Printing & copying works b/c that's not going through the hardware to the computer. I did find the port area, the port #s were missing, I re-entered them & it's still not working : ( Thanks Michelle
  7. Hi, This is the 2nd time this has happened. The first time me & Brother added the port numbers to the exception area which I can't find now. They were there before, now they aren't. Why does this keep happening & where do I add them to so this doesn't happen again? Thanks Michelle
  8. Well it's the same thing I did when I orignially installed it. DL the file & run it. I don't think it's specific to upgrading.
  9. Sorry for the delay. This isn't going to remove all the settings I already did is it? I spent a lot of time allowing programs that I use. Thanks Michelle
  10. Hi there, I'm new to Online Armor & a couple of things: 1. My computer has started freezing for like 1-2 minutes & I have to assume it's OA since that's the only new thing I have on my computer although I have been watching a lot of video TV shows lately. 2. I had problems with the update portion of OA since almost the beginning. Now I'm getting this error message in my toolbar... "OA: File help_ena.chm is compted". I hope I wrote it correctly LOL, I can't read my own hand writing LOL Thanks & hope everyone is doing well! Michelle
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