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  1. Alright all done. Scans show that my computer is fine. Thank you so much for the help! it was very easy to follow and I appreciate your time
  2. OTL log Oh, and by chance do you know what caused me to get these pieces of malware? I have a suspicion that it was this Flux.exe my boyfriend told me to download since it is no longer on my computer and I noticed it was mentioned in some logs.
  3. Here is the ComboFix log. Also, everything is still running smoothly on my computer now.
  4. I ran Combofix and have the attached log. As of right now I am running a scan with both Emsisoft and Avast. Emsisoft has not yet tried to block the two malware/viruses has it has done before (Usually every 5-10 minutes or so) so it might be gone. I will edit my reply/reply again when my scans finish. EDIT: Doing both a quick and a deep scan with emsisoft turned up negative! It has also not attempted to block anything. I think it's all removed! Thank you so, so much!
  5. Okay, I ran the OTL thing one more time and did as you instructed and I found the log this time. Terrible sorry about that! But here it is. And the problem is not resolved I'm afraid. I ran a deep scan while I was out and came back to find the computer was still in this shape.
  6. I cannot find the new log that was supposed to be produced after the reboot was finished. When I go to C:\_OTL it's just a series of folders. However, doing a quick scan Emsisoft did not find anything I I believe the problem to be fixed. Thank you so much! I took a screenshot of part of my desktop because some new things have appeared and I am not sure what to do with them or what they are http://imgur.com/xLiyb
  7. So a few days ago my Chrome started acting up. It was doing things like this http://imgur.com/3PBYQ to sites such as FB, Youtube, and Gmail. I thought the problem was resolved after deleting my cache but it wasn't. My Malwarebytes didn't pick up anything and a friend suggested Avast. It immediately started to block something called [email protected] and [email protected] about every 5 to 10 minutes. After running Malwarebytes after this starting happening, it discovered some files, deleted them and I thought everything was fixed but again, it was not. So I searched for another malware protection of sorts and discovered Emsisoft. It also found a couple more files and removed them but now it tries to remove the malware/virus I stated in the title and also C:\WINODWS\ASSEMBLY\GAC_32\DESKTOP.INI I have no technical computer problems, Chrome runs fine, but every time Emsisoft tries to remove these two on start up, it doesn't and keeps popping up that it blocked it. I'm not sure what is happening and need some help please! Attached are the three logs required. Hopefully I did everything right I appreciate your time and assistance very much.