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  1. I did have that thanks and yes I decided to mark it as Trusted to avoid any conflicts. I also like this user http://support.emsis...ked/#entry47868 am starting to accumulate a number of the fpb.tmp entries but I can live with that. I was going to delete the older greyed out entries of the same fpb.tmp periodically but have found out deleting those I would get the popup again.
  2. Well how about that I posted in this thread thinking this was related to Flash and OA because as soon as I allowed the red Flash popup I would get the BSOD but no you are absolutely right andrewf It is between OA and the Avast WebRep plugin for IE which was the problem. I uninstalled the plugin for IE and now no BSOD. OA now even remembers my decision regarding the red popup I used to get everytime. Thank you for solving my problem and to stapp also.
  3. Wasn't sure whether to create a new thread but this is related to this topic. Due to the issue with Flash and Online Armor I updated it by marking it as Installer and Trusted. After updating like others I have to allow the red popup Flash Player Helper fpb.tmp everytime when opening Internet Explorer. However another problem occurs for me after allowing the red popup for Flash. As soon as I start browsing the computer gets a BSOD. Here are the details of BSOD from BlueScreenView. Apart from this issue Online Armor is great. Firefox is my default browser so I will to stick with Online Armor for now but I hope I can find a solution as I do make use of Internet Explorer also So for the current time being while not ideal I will not launch Internet Explorer as it is rendered completely unusable as Online Armor will BSOD my computer everytime I try to use it.
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