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  1. Thanks a lot for the download link Fabian. I was in need of that link, because have not updated the version yet. I have observed this many times for other software too. is very very slow to update the versions. Sometimes they update fast, but its very rare. Most of the times I have seen, they have been very slow. FileHippo, and Softpedia have updated the version to already. So, you might think of changing the official download site. Just a suggestion . I personally like to download software from the developer's site itself, and so the download link which you shared, is appreciated a lot . I downloaded the setup, and installed the software. There is now a Freeware Mode on installation, so now it is easier for the user to choose, and to install the freeware version. I have installed it, and everything is great. Again, thanks a lot. Thumbs up. Please keep up the excellent work with this software .
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply Fabian. I will wait for the next stable release .
  3. Hi, this is my first post on the forum. I am sorry, if I should not be posting here, and if I should be starting a new thread. But, the problem is related, or rather same, so I am posting here. I had been using the previous version(just before of Emsisoft Anti-malware, which was working fine without any problem. When the latest version came out, I decided to update to it. When I tried to install it over the previous version, it did not install. So, I removed the earlier version, and installed the latest version, which went smoothly. On installation, I chose to select the 3-day trial since I thought that after the 3 days, the program would automatically revert to the freeware version. But, that did not happen. After installation, choosing the 3-day trial, downloading signature, and running the quick scan... the next screen says the the trial period has expired. There is no "Continue" button, like there was in the previous version, so that I could continue to the freeware version. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling again, and choosing the last option, which contains freeware version license, but that does not work either . I have tried to uninstall and install several times without success. I have searched the forums and found that there was a bug/issue with the license, but it said that it had been fixed in beta. And in the final version changelog of also states that the license bug had been fixed. But, seems like it has not been fixed yet. Will this problem be solved in the next version? If yes, I will wait for the next version. I hope it is released soon. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work, the software is excellent .