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  1. I don't understand why a simple cleaning routine is not implemented. Oh well...
  2. Thanks, What I meant was an automatic cleaning procedure for nonexistent files and not having to delete dozens of entries manually.
  3. That's precisely my question. That doesn't clean leftovers from the configuration, only programs which have not been marked as trusted or untrusted yet.
  4. OK. But about cleaning leftovers? I have hundreds of nonexistent programs in the configuration panel. I had to clean one by one in my wife's laptop because browsing the internet was getting slower. After removing them, things went back to normal.
  5. What "unknown" means? Programs that do not exist anymore in the hard drive or programs unknown to OA? If it is not the first answer than I don't see the usefulness of this option. The Programs configuration panel (and Firewall) is littered with dozens of nonexistent programs. A tool to remove these programs from the Programs configuration panel and also the Firewall one would be great.
  6. Update: this version is "stuck". The program downloads 94 files, reboots the computer, but the version is still the same. I run again the update and the 94 files are downloaded once more and the cycle continues...
  7. Thanks for the answer. It's
  8. I noticed that the web shield option got grayed and disabled since last week. i waited for being re-enabled after an update but it still is grayed. I deactivated and activated hips, but nothing changed. help!
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