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  1. I've been unable to locate my boot discs so far, I am still looking for them. Thought I had kept them in a safe place but no success
  2. Okay, I'll see if I can find the boot discs & get some help this end to do it
  3. Yes, tried it 3 times now, still reads 'No Audio Devices' in Control Panel as stated previously & sound is still affected
  4. Have uninstalled realtek HD audio twice, first re-installed via new found hardware, second re-installed via .exe file d/l'ed from Realtek site. Still showing 'No Audio Devices found' in sound & audio devices & sound is still the same
  5. I have the realtek soundcard that is installed in most netbooks/notebooks/laptops etc but I use a Citronic AC-1USB external s/c as I use my netbook as a back up for my dj'ing, the headphone output is not a good sound through a 2K P.A. Citronic is plug & play as I said, they were both working fine up until a month or so ago, then everything seemed to go on a go-slow...........
  6. Uninstalled Realtek s/c still affected sound, dragging and dropouts etc, still no audio devices detected in control panel
  7. I think one of the soundcards is plug n play,not sure how to uninstall the realtek one
  8. Not noticing any difference with malwarebytes disabled at the moment, RAM & CPU still high, when I play music it sounds like a chorus of Daleks, lagging & ring mod type sounding....
  9. My soundcards have re-appeared (in Foobar 2000 as an option), so that's good, but the option in Control Panel: Sounds & Audio Devices is still not there, it is telling me No Audio Device in any tab. Still quite slow with large amount of RAM & CPU use under no load, haven't rebooted yet though after CombiFix. Here's the log:
  10. I've initiated the OTL run fix about 20 hours ago & it is still showing as 'Killing processes. DO NOT INTERRUPT...' (I'm using another computer to post this) will it stop itself or will I have to force close/reboot? I didn't put IOBit malware fighter on my netbook until after things started going wrong, I usually use Malwarebytes for quick scans & EEK for indepth scans.
  11. RAM & CPU running at over 50% even without browsers open, computer going slow & soundcard appears to have uninstalled itself to add insult to injury, help if possible. No Extras.txt file was created by OTL, I've searched but cannot find one, sorry.
  12. I think my pc is infected..

    My comp etc still taking an age to open up, internet is ok.
  13. I think my pc is infected..

    run file log attached