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  1. Everything of this happen suddently, i was working on a beat then the software stopped seing my sound card!!!! ( usb Ext. Fast Track C600, M-Audio ) trying to go on the C drive, its like taking 4ever just for making openin it!!!!!! Last chance please Before im a have to reformat everything!!!!!!!!!! HELP!! Asus P5QL-VM DO, 8 go DDR2 PC2-6400, Intel Core 2 Duo E8500, 3.16, 1to HHD, GT 240 nvidia,win 7 familial 64
  2. ....Althougt your so good with people here im taking a chance...DONT BE MAD AT ME!!! i had a home studio working for the last 10 years i guess, had a edirol UA-25 that always worked... last week i finnally decide to upgrade for something a bit bigger and more hearphone output, so i got a M-AUDIO FastTrack C600!!!! bid master volume knob and every ything,( and more expensive ) , its been 2 days that im trying to continue my beat producing, and i just got difficulty since ... My PC work hard just to make open the control panel, the always like restart at 44.100??? dont wanna hold it ( my little laptop realtek onboardcard is at 192k??? ) Well , i probably need help to setup the thing up but when i thought i had it , now it saying to me that the configuration panel is not capable to open the FTC600 control panel, even if i reinstall all the driver and every thing it still doing this , then it got slower and slower... just had a ''BSOD'' while opening the maudio setup panel, my rig restart, and now i dont know what to do!!!! I NEED HELP PLEASE!! Need to know wath im doing wrong or wath is not setup correctly in it!!! Pretty sure it is not cause of a virus or malware...... This Pc is my reason to live, making my music...im a bit affraid and dont want bough everything in new, i want to use this new card but im needing help to make it work PLEASE!!! Thank you for your futur time....this thing is the only thing that keeping me alive 4 the past couple years, i think i just want to make it work and im not very far from it.... wath should i do or where i can go talk with people like you guys and repair my baby!!!!!! I WOULD NEVER SEND THIS MESSAGE IF DIDNT THINK YOUR ALL REALLY GOOD AT DOIN THIS...... THANKS!!!! from a fan!!
  3. 0 problem detected completed succesfully
  4. enable thorought system inspection?? ( in secunia ) display only insecure programs ?
  5. im doing all this from " the computer" now,i meen i put my little usb link /s
  6. It restart ,i take back to step where im deleting Qoobox?
  7. (for deleting a folder Qoobox) Telling me that i need a authorization from a administrator???? im alone, i build it myself, im still not da boss!!! héhéhé seriously, a hour ago a had this option in the rightclick menu now its gone??? I CLIC the authorization full for everybody...( So many groups.....woa ... is that normal?)
  8. here it is.....with no problems, and no asking for windows recovery !!! The machine seems to be running great, ( Any tips on how should i protect my computers??? any soft that i already download or .....??? ) THANKS YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!!
  9. everything seem to work well!!!!!!!!!!!!! can i delete the 2 soft and logs??? i have it all on my usbsmartdrive..... you probably saved the most important machine of my studio!!!! should i download all the windows update and a new antivirus even if this computer is not on the web??? A BIG THANKS FROM DrGooD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. last time i had a trojan64 siefef.p...... but im not sure if the process to clean my working computer is completed. the pc that is infected is my audio production tool!!! so it is not on the internet, im doing this via my laptop thank you in advance. Would like to finish the cleaning process or just knowing whats goin on with my "precious" before starting to work again, i lost a lot of desktop things last time, and was constantly restarting before i have time to do something... im back a t my studio now and would like to be sure it is over!!! YOUR ALL the bests!!!!!
  11. OOoo Now i just lost approximatly everything on mu DESKTOP???? the first promblem was looking to do away and now every thing is super like slow...in my TWO computer!! i need HELP MY FRIENDS!!
  12. have a better scan or soft then the microsoft one?? just finish the the rapid scan and he foud a hackTool:Win32 medium risk, and i think he detect all the others in quantine, should i delete them all??