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  1. Hi, Got an email with the buy/renew this weekend, get 2 additonal licenses for free promo. Thought I'd just confirm that if I renew through the 'renew license' link in the software that I will get the two additional licenses. And I assume that would be via email? Thanks
  2. Thanks for clarifying that. I won't register any licenses on the website, then. Can I assume that since the licenses I just purchased were enclosed with retail CDs there is no 10-month activation window associated with them? Thanks, Arthur
  3. I'm a current paid user of EAM with a few months left on my current license. I purchased a couple of EAM CDs on sale, each of which has a license enclosed with the CD. Is there any advantage (other than loss) or disadvantage to registering these new licenses on the online License Center, even though I won't be using them until the previous license expires? I'm concerned about the 10-month window (which I've never understood) that seems to be in force with licenses purchased directly from you. Can you explain how that works? I plan to activate one license when my current one expires, then the other one a year after that. Is that a problem? Thanks!
  4. The same thing happened to me. I sent a support email and, incredibly, got a response saying, effectively, "Sorry - you're out of luck! New customers only! Sucker!" I will not take this laying down. How could they treat paying customers like this? The offer was DISPLAYED ON MY SOFTWARE!!!!! My PAID software! I'm furious. If I don't get satisfaction I will plaster news of this on every security forum on the planet. I'm simply shocked that they would risk a public relations debacle like this.
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