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  1. Help my PC is infected

    Also there are lots of options under poopie2 but no logs that I am finding.
  2. Help my PC is infected

    I renamed Combofix as instructed. To poopie2 cause thats how I feel about this trojan! I am not finding any logs anywhere. Also it malfunctions when trying to verify iexplorer. It asks whether i want to ignore or abort , skip is not an option. I did go in and look for the log at C:/Combofix. it finds nothing. Im at a loss as to what to do.
  3. Help my PC is infected

    I can download and install this combofix. I renamed it. It will run all the way through but it does not ask me anything about a recovery console and it produces no logs. :/
  4. I cannot get the emergency emsisoft kit to unzip. It gives me error code 0x80004005.. I do already have emsisoft anti-malware installed. Im going to attatch the quarantine report. It keeps telling me it found all of these trojans and it removes them but on reboot they are always back. The OLT report is as follows: <INLINE LOGS REMOVED> Please Help!!! Amber