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  1. Sounds goods! Since everything else appears to be OK . . . Thanks for all your help!
  2. Did one last Emsisoft AM scan, and it was clean., However, the scan detected one file with a request that I forward it to the Emsisoft team (whiich I did). The file was C:\Program Files\AWS\Weatherbug\Local\1pk.gif I'd delete the file, but there is no trace of the folder/file on my drive. Do I need to be concerned? NOTE: Wetherbug was one of the first things Imanually removed from this infected laptop when I began this cleanup process
  3. Emsisoft AM detects several quarantined items, which I assume I can just delete. True? See attached. Otherwise everthing looks OK!
  4. Fresh OTL scan log attached, as requested in last post.
  5. Here's the latest OTL scan log results, as requested in your last post.
  6. Attached are the new Emsisoft and OTL log scan results that you requested in your last post.
  7. . Success! Attached is the "OTL Custom Scan/Fix Log" that you requested. This was a heavily infected laptop belonging to my teenage nephew (nuff said), which I was able to (mostly) clean with my usual spyware/malware tools. The one exception was the rootkit that was the subject of this ticket. . To verify that everything is now OK, I'd like to run Emsisoft one more to see if the rootkit detection is now resolved, but I figured I'd check with you first (this process has gone too smooth to mess it up now). Your suggestions seemed to have resolved one other problem, as Windows Update -- which has not been worrking -- is now working just fine. Please advise!
  8. Combo-Fix scan completed, as requested. See ComboFix log attached.
  9. TDSSKiller scan completed. Scan Log attached, as requested.
  10. It appears as though my laptop has been infected with the "Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit" Message that appears states: "Rootkits:\. \PhysicalDrive0" Please help! Thanks in Advance. Ed