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  1. Thanks for the reply Mikolaj R . I thought and Emsisoft support person would have replied???
  2. Thanks for the reply Tester. I thought and Emsisoft support person would have replied???
  3. Sorry about that, I clicked on support forum and it took me here. How do I find the right forum, or with my problem should I submit a ticket??
  4. I am running Online Armor and Emsisoft Anti-Malware, not Emsisoft Internet Security.
  5. The problem I have when the Emsisoft Firewall is enabled is that when I connect to the Internet, the connection is intermittent,(sometimes it connects and sometimes it does not), if it does not the default gateway has to be reset to get a connection, then the speed is very slow. I have tried two different controllers on the motherboard (one Realtek and the other Intel), have exchanged the gateway modem and cables and rerun setup with my Internet Provider. The firewall status connection meter is very choppy and not the straight line that is normal. When I disable only the Firewall in OA, ever
  6. Was busy yesterday vet,and wind storm damage....Today had to reinstall windows updater and lost all history updates as well and at the same time updated nod32 and on reboot got BSOD. was able to roll back system and finally got everything going again. If no more problems..Thanks again for your help
  7. OK...will do if I need to edit. Are we finished with your instructions??
  8. OK...I want the programs so I will just live with the slow boot...and I guess we will leave OAM rule alone untill I need it, unless you have a different idea. I really did enjoy the cleanup, it was a blast, thanks for presenting your expertise, you are really good. Anything else??
  9. Win Zip didnot recognize run file as a zip file and it was only 221kb so I just attached it. To big didnot work. The only options to unzip when I right click on file was to zip and email...so that is what I did to get it zipped. I emailed it to myself and then saved it to the desktop. I am not familiar with WinZip so their may be a differemt way but the WinZip wizard did not show one that I could determine.
  10. In trying to Disable NOD 32, it said to disable it in advanced section, their the only thing I could find was tabs to disable file protection and HIPS,so disabled both. Had tried to disable it in msconfig start up but it must start with registry key? Anyway boot time the same and could not edit EAM rule. The long boot happens when it get to start up programs as you probably already knew..
  11. Disable NOD 32. Make any difference? You talking about boot time, rule change, or installing software??? Sorry for the long delay times, trying to save my dog....very ill!!
  12. Windows repair has finished. Seems like it booted faster. it was taking over 6 minutes to boot. That has been going on for a long time. EAM still will not let me add a rule, maybe I want need to. I will try to install the software from ACRONIS and see if EAM blocks it.
  13. windows cant access, oa has it blocked and tweaking folder has erunt in it. Pics attached
  14. So I have to leave my anti malware programs running...correct?
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