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  1. no bro there's no Outlook but np i will use emsisoft as no real time and i will update daily or par week good luck and thanks
  2. i install v7 beta The problem still showing to restart if i don't restart no problem ? it needs to restart every update so = every 1 hour
  3. MousePad it's problem bro if i redownload a 200 mb of update but i will try
  4. akuza112 Yep but i still using version 6 i restarted the pc and when update another message says restart pc again and restarted and after update another message it's very bad but im patient
  5. it's really problem if the program need to restert the pc when updates finish it's update in 1 houres so every 1 hour i need to restart ??
  6. lkarus we very good then bitdeffender about signatures but i hope emsisoft will better then old with bitdeffender engine
  7. here in algeria No payment method support please send me a serial i worked for this community for much time i give much submissions i swear i can't get any of serial the problem the best in the world i give the link to much people in forums help me please brothers
  8. lkarus server update For emsisoft is unavialable try after some munites i hope to fix lkarus Signature soon because it's too large we need it please
  9. Elise ah now i understand it's only tracking cookies lol i have hitman pro to delete them no problem Thx for everything bro
  10. ok thx elise i have a question when i delete emsisoft i tried bullgard (using Bitdefender Engine) it detect a Cookies debo.txt which emsisoft don't detect i hope to add anti phising and Anti cookies stealler to emsisoft and now i delete bullgard i install emsisoft again thx
  11. no i unistall emsisoft with normal windows delete program i go to C program files i run the problem and the problem work Fine only it need to start it always when i restart
  12. i delete emsisoft when !E2 problem now i can't install it it's says u have emsisoft already installed how to fix that im waiting
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