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  1. i have edited the topic and i attached a copy of this file the problem i think the rules which i have read .... it says do not attach a malware in the forums just send it and write virus total here
  2. thanks to emsisoft hips i knew i can't purchase it i 'am using just free 30 days but i want to do some help in submissions during this time https://www.virustotal.com/ar/file/91e36ed43e4b26a6a07c44a45cc028adfe97c8926ba910abd1359adfab4a2f33/analysis/1437348818/ password : infected 3D__cellule.zip
  3. avira too Has offline update .vdf files
  4. reviews look at this https://www.virustotal.com/file/9562bd4c4fa237ba85247d7c4cf0f9ab7631a97f1c641eaf3aa66223726a909f/analysis/
  5. no bro there's no Outlook but np i will use emsisoft as no real time and i will update daily or par week good luck and thanks
  6. im waiting brothers to solve this issue
  7. i install v7 beta The problem still showing to restart if i don't restart no problem ? it needs to restart every update so = every 1 hour
  8. MousePad it's problem bro if i redownload a 200 mb of update but i will try
  9. akuza112 Yep but i still using version 6 i restarted the pc and when update another message says restart pc again and restarted and after update another message it's very bad but im patient
  10. it's really problem if the program need to restert the pc when updates finish it's update in 1 houres so every 1 hour i need to restart ??
  11. lol The same Zbot with another Md5 not detected need to new Generation which detected the file if that change The informations File: GjTagQc.exe CRC-32: 8793f1be MD4: 37d1a03c757ee560b82b20747991bc05 MD5: 29bf648581ce4e9d371701c487db22e5 SHA-1: b5380e132bbcfaf3c549aff3864d17ee6e6da6b5 https://www.virustotal.com/file/35f8ee4238f409ee42f8eee1578e9b1dc127d349bd900e56b70e472e3be7013c/analysis/1347461878/
  12. Zeroday malware Trojan.(ZeroAccess)HT File: malware.avi.exe CRC-32: 1ac7f28a MD4: 32b9bf964d6ab2f2dad448e48099177b MD5: bbe20cd362b5b15ffc62fa9a8c1f9af9 SHA-1: 924ebcdea2fa9abba999bf78a1b88c519b4735c1 https://www.virustotal.com/file/82fd68a7155f8b0a818c05522682ad2b113618b861d23f3925bfd432363cad6f/analysis/1347460624/
  13. arief Prabowo The problem not add it to database because the file has a auto md5 Changer i was upload it in virustotal and get emsisoft already detect and catch it but after that i see in appdata the same file with fake digital signature and another md5 scan with The emsisoft not detected i sent it yasterday and you add it i hope it's detected at all no change again
  14. lets tell me if the file take a update