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  1. Hi all. I am very unimpressed by the current impact of Anti-Malware on my system's performance. Even after clean installing Windows 7 (+ drivers of course) followed by an install of EAM, the drag on the system is noticeable - even if I have the scan files on execute enabled. But my issue is something else - whenever I shut down my system, I get a message from Windows 7 Action Center - Emsisoft Antimalware is turned off.' This lasts for a few seconds in the system notification area, just before the system completely shuts down. Now the question is - why can't EAM shutdown gracefully with Windows. I do not remember seeing any other app that exhibits same behavior. EAM does this consistently. It's annoying and does not inspire confidence in the user. Please share your thoughts.
  2. Thanks for such quick and informative replies. I have a concern though - the surf protection feature sounds like a block-list type thing. What about code that is being downloaded by the browser during page rendering? If a page that is not a part of the block-list yet, and has some embedded malicious scripts, then what part of Anti-Malware will detect it? If the standard file scanner will do it, then it will do so after the malicious code has already downloaded to hard disk. And if I have on-access disabled then this might have issues with system security. Web scanning IMO is a different ballgame all together.
  3. Hi I am planning to purchase the Anti-Malware 5 1-year pack. I do plan to give the trial version a thorough spin before making the purchase. But, I have a few questions - 1. Is surf-protection a browser-specific feature? If yes, which browsers does it officially support? 2. Does surf-protection feature install any add-ons/extensions etc in the browsers? 3. I use Orbit Download Manager to download files. Does Anti-Malware have any conflicts with Orbit or other download managers in general? 4. Setting the scanner component to scan only on execution - what sort of security compromise does this bring to the system?