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  1. @GT500 Sorry for a delay, but I have been abroad for a week. I have reproduced the issue and the logs have been sent as you've mentioned. Thanks for information!
  2. @GT500 I am currently on 2020.7.1.10275 beta update. Issue is still present, just tested, same pattern.
  3. @GT500 I am already using it since almost beginning, I always switch to the beta feed. Don't now have a way to test it (I am in a place with slower connection, not 300 MB/s), but will do until the end of the week.
  4. @GT500 I do and your support tech guy (I also opened a ticket within your systems) advised me to test without it. So, I uninstalled it completely, rebooted and the result is the same without AdGuard, huge CPU consumption by System process while downloading. The problem, if I recall, as I was also affected by it, was that AdGuard did not filter anything at all if EAM was installed. They fixed it by now and it's working. Completely different thing.
  5. Hello, @GT500 I have made such test. Thought it might require deinstallation, but disabling + reboot seemed to be enough. I have to say it's definitely better for System process and overall for the CPU usage after disabling Web Protection. System is no longer sluggish during downloads. As I usually download bigger files only through FDM - is there a way to exclude it from Web Protection only? Maybe that would help? Please take a look at the screenshot attached - only FDM is consuming any significant CPU time, no other than system threads consuming anything within System process - in general - an improvement. I did not complain that much about processes from EAM - those consumed not that much (this time even less) of CPU time during download, but about EAM thread within System process. Should you want any information - it's Intel i7 6th Generation. More details on the second screenshot from Speccy.
  6. @JeremyNicoll Okay, so now, when we know who wanted to achieve what - I based my opinion on the tone of your post, derived from the words chosen. But nevermind. I was a Tester some time ago, however due to business duties, I do not currently have time for it, hence my small activity. And when I joined, rules were somewhat different than now. 1) None of my issues involve a2start or a2service CPU, so I believe this is a different thing and fully reproducible - occuring just when downloading something. They mention in their topic that this occurs randomly, so definitely not the case here. It is significant based on lower download speeds, as this issue starts showing if a download speed goes beyond some value, such as, given 4 MB/s. When it's slower, CPU is not used that much. Simple as that. So, nevermind if it's 4 MB/s or 40 MB/s, the CPU usage is still high. If it's 2-3 MB/s - it's not. 2) OK, basing on that - I agree, I did not try it after joining MyEmsisoft. That is exactly why I sent a message to support, maybe they'll find other opinions useful here.
  7. @JeremyNicoll I have an impression that you just wanted to undermine everything I wrote here. 1) I was not aware, but please re-read my post. Where do I say anything about huge CPU usage by a2service or any EAM process? I think I wrote and it is clearly shown on the screenshot, about System process high CPU usage which is clearly connected with high I/O usage of a2service. The rest of what you wrote was basically what I've written anyway. The point of my post here was not to say that my DM is very good, but to point out that this issue occurs if the connection goes to the speed of over 4 MB/s. 34 MB/s is way beyond that but previously I just had a slower connection (basically 40 Mb/s, now I have about 300 MB/s). And I have observed is sometimes on 4 MB/s as well. If you do not know how FDM works, check its help. It will be written there that you can set how many "chunks" you want to have. And browser don't even do that - downloading as one part. Issue happens either way. I have also made a test, adding FDM to filtered apps in AdGuard - still, during download, no info about additional requests in requests log in AdGuard, all needed (10) connections are opened at the moment of download start. And yet, AdGuard WFP driver does not use so much of CPU time of System process. 2) I know it worked, just as you have said. I just did not use it after switching to MyEmsisoft. The folder is created, but only empty folder, no files in it. I have explicitly stated it. I will also open a ticket to Support, as using just forums may not be the best idea.
  8. Hello, I am using EAM for a long time and I am suffering from very strange behaviour whenever I download something with high-speed (over 4 MB/s) through the network. This is best observed during download of larger files (such as Windows 10 / Linux ISOs). During the download, CPU fans start to work very loud, CPU usage jumps to 100%, about 30-40% of which is consumed by, usually almost idle, System process - this causes Windows to be very sluggish until download is finished. I am usually downloading files using Free Download Manager, but the same happens if I try to download something using any available browser. Immediately after download finishes, CPU usage goes to standard values, basically 5-10%. I have inspected System process Threads to find out what cuases this and I have noticed that driver related to EAM consume the most here - please take a look at screenshot: Emsisoft.png attached here. Also, during observation, it turned out that a2service is having a huge spike of data I/O, basically similar to what is the current speed of transfer - this is well shown on the screenshot - as well as the download speed - quite high, even better than nominal speed of my link. Also, inspection of a2service.exe threads, shows huge activity of Surf Protection (cache clearing?) during that time - even though if it's not browser doing the download. Another product I am using, AdGuard for Windows, which - as far as I know - is also using a WFP driver, is not behaving like this. Could you check this - this is not blocking anything and I got used to it, but that is very strange. Also, I wanted to uninstall EAM Home in order to make sure the situation is better when the protection is absent, but I do not want to lose my protection settings, even though they are managed by MyEmsisoft - because not everything can be managed from there (such as blocking CompatTelRunner from running through Behavior Blocker). And when I try to Export settings from EAM locally, the folder I point to save exported settings, gets created, but with no files inside. So, basically, the settings export is not working when EAM Home is managed from MyEmsisoft. Best regards, Peter.
  9. Absolutely no issues on all my machines (Windows 7 and 10). Auto-update went smoothly and swiftly.
  10. Hello, shortly after updating to the newest beta, I noticed that while update is in progress, Forensic logs falsely alert user to an update failed from not know reasons (Wystąpił nieznany błąd aktualizacji = An unknown error occured). As you can see in the box below (copied the entire log content) and on the screenshot attached, there is an information about files not being updated, moreover, the date is definitely wrong. This is nothing very important, and this error disappeared right away update was finished, but someone might be alerted to it as an error. Ogólne informacje: Wersja 2017.11.0.8219 Start aktualizacji: 26.11.2017 12:19:31 Koniec aktualizacji: 01.01.1970 Czas trwania: 12:19:31 Wystąpił nieznany błąd aktualizacji Szczegółowe informacje: 62 Modułów, 23826551 Bajtów a2hosts.dat (3741 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano a2trust.dat (464 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\20171126.sig (2066 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\dalvik.ivd (341 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i00 (1605 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i15 (194527 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i16 (220104 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i17 (323 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i18 (345017 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i19 (333021 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i20 (4068 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i21 (414471 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i22 (386263 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i23 (4248 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i24 (3236 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i25 (378528 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.000 (348504 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.379 (693 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.385 (310 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.391 (116416 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.393 (138395 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.394 (264 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.396 (78177 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.403 (163515 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.404 (173824 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.405 (147370 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.407 (2309 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.408 (113037 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.409 (2706 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.410 (247725 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.411 (171290 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.412 (207364 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.413 (216947 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.414 (190591 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.415 (225605 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.416 (34724 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.417 (258129 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i05 (767284 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i06 (34763 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i07 (848710 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i08 (827222 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i22 (92423 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i25 (754197 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i26 (766946 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i27 (453822 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i29 (853650 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i32 (295449 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i38 (744114 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i50 (597311 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i55 (706835 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i56 (694485 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i57 (719537 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Signatures\BD\emalware.i61 (735254 Bajtów) - Nie zaktualizowano Some explanations because of Polish language used in the log: Start aktualizacji = Start of update Koniec aktualizacji = End of update Czas trwania = Duration Nie zaktualizowano = not updated And the issue can be seen also on the following screenshot:
  11. Smooth update once again on my W10 Insider 17046. No major issues, except the one about which I'll open a new ticket in a moment.
  12. Update as smooth as always, but strange thing I noticed was that protection off time was quite longer than previously, where after the restart Emsisoft interface reported protection as enabled almost instantly.
  13. I am on W10 Insider build 17004, but in the latest EAM I have exactly the same behaviour. I get information, that EAM is installed, but that I have to open it to get status information. Seems MS broke something in getting information from Emsi AV.
  14. I get the same observation as stapp before. Opened GUI, quickly clicked through tabs in Options and Protection sections and yes, Forensics shows every non-default setting (see attachment, top part). Moreover, I noticed strange thing - after scan completes (in this case a scheduled USB scan), I get information about scan with empty name being canceled (also in the attachment, highlighted. And yes, I went to menu and canceled this scan, just wondering about the name.).
  15. In my case update went fine, but (I think this is a bug) I got two independent program restart notifications. One in a form of toast notification with yellow bar and blue Restart text and second in form of a normal popup with Yes and No to choose. I clicked on Restart in toast, toast disappeared, but program still waited for reply in normal window. It also showed me the main Emsisoft console, which, after agreeing to restart, just hanged (see attachment, sorry for Polish, but the Windows popup says that a process is not responding and asking me if I want to kill it). After killing and manually running Emsisoft Guard again, I got the update completed popup.
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