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  1. Hi, This software isn't detected by Emsisoft yet and causes unwanted ad popups. My scans are attached. With thanks, Earle (a multiyear Emsisoft customer) scan_160520-210405.txt FRST_20-05-2016_21-14-02.txt Addition_20-05-2016_21-14-02.txt
  2. Yes, everything seems to be running fine now. I ran another scan with updated signatures and didn't find anything at all. Thanks for your help !!! Earle
  3. Also - EDIBAS is software that runs in a VM Machine environment on this computer and is used for analyzing (through USB/serial adapters) the computer codes of BMW automobiles.
  4. As instructed.............. https://www.virustotal.com/file/5a639ecdf6ee721dba5f2f3536f40586b2f46cac083cd3baedc82d11e911b4b7/analysis/1349622747/
  5. I watched the Combofix progress and noticed the two trouble files being deleted. Hopefully I'm good to go now. The Combofix.txt log is attached
  6. I updated the signatures and reran EMS without taking any action. Updated log attached.
  7. OK, I've runf TDSSKiller and the log is attached. Thanks for stickin' with me !!!
  8. Yes, sorry - I still need help, but I'm out of town and away from the computer with the problem. I'll follow your instructions anad reply on Friday. Please keep me in "hold" status.
  9. Hi, After running a scan and cleansin, EMSISOFT reported it couldn'y quarantine these two items: \WINDOWS\system32\svc2dll.exe \WINDOWS\system32\xtgina.dll I've run th preliminary scans and the outputs are attached. Thanks !!!
  10. OK, so I followed your instructions, which may have resolved the problem. After running OTL with your specific fix code, I rebooted as required. The OTL log is attached. When the system came up, BitDefender found and removed a virus instance (but did not name it). I then ran a Emsisift quick scan with no problems found. I am in process of running a deep scan (72%), but have to leave for the airport. I won't be able to continue our "journey" until I return late Friday night. I am sincerely appreciate of your help and perservance !!! Will update you next Friday.
  11. I actually did try to attach my Emsisoft Emergency Kit logfile, but got a message saying that I wasn't allowed to attach DB3 files (logs.db3). So I then thought I was supposed to paste the logfiles rather than attach. Sorry about that. Anyway, I ran the Combofix procedure as instructed, but after restarting and re-running Emsisoft, it's still showing "Trojan.Win32.Alureon!E2" as a high priority "found" virus. I am attaching the ComboFix log. Do we have a next step?
  12. Hello, I've been struggling to remove this trojan for several days. Previously Emsisoft found the trojan as Sirefef!E2. In this scan, it appears as noted in the subject line. My Emsisoft scan log is as follows: SQLite format 3 @ -â$ û û rƒCtableILogsILogsCREATE TABLE ILogs( ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, Name TEXT, Location TEXT, FileSize INTEGER, Date INTEGER, StrDate TEXT, InfectionType INTEGER, RiskLevel INTEGER, Action INT
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