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  1. My Internet connectivity problem seems to be fixed with the latest updates. EIS would not automatically update at first though so I had to shutdown the firewall to get it to update but since then it seems to be updating now without shutting down the firewall. I had one program (DivX) that wouldn't update through its own update process but I could manually download the update install program and do the upgrade that way.
  2. I will continue to stop the firewall, get my Internet connection and then resume the firewall for now until you have a fix. Thank you.
  3. I took a couple days off to go fishing but I have now run the scan and attached the 2 files as asked. Thank you for your help. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Today on boot up I had to shutdown the firewall, open a browser and then I could connect to the Internet. Then I turned the firewall back on. It has been working since then.
  5. I don't use those features very often but it has happened a couple times when I've come out of hibernate too. If I leave a browser open in sleep mode it doesn't seem to happen some of the but other times I have had to shut off the firewall and start a browser, or run repair, or even reboot.
  6. I have Windows Vista 64-bit SP2 and since I've updated to EIS version 10 I keep having problems upon startup of getting connected to the Internet on my private home wireless network. I see others have similar problems. I've tried some of the possible options. I have already reinstalled EIS twice to be able to get back on the Internet since the last time I couldn't get on the Internet at all. I got a message on running Windows network diagnose and repair it said: The following policy might need to be adjusted to allow Windows to connect: Policy Provider - Filter Name: Transport Inspect ALE Classify I have no idea how to do anything about that. Last time it happened I was still using Online Armor and I had to stop using that. You guys gave me a change from my EAM/OA license to EIS at that time. I usually have to turn off the EIS firewall, run diagnose and repair every time I reboot or boot up to be able to get on the Internet. Then I can turn the EIS firewall back on. When it starts showing this Transport Inspect ALE Classify error I can't get an Internet connection no matter what I try. I just have to uninstall EIS and reinstall it, and reboot. I can't see any other settings or options to try to be able to use the Internet normally. I already reset factory default options, made sure the DHCP rule was above the other rule, and made sure my wireless connection is set to private. What else can be done so I can use EIS properly and get on the Internet without having to jump throw firewall, repair and uninstall/reinstall hoops? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the help and solution. I have switched to EIS instead. I'm sure this is the best move.
  8. I bought OA with EAM as a bundle originally and was told it was compatible, by compatible meaning only EAM I found out later the hard way as you have pointed out. A few updates ago everything was working better again including the OA with my system. There were only occasional problems with things like certain Windows Updates with OA. Which, along with getting the impression you were going to discontinue it for Internet Security, I did not renew the license for OA. I thought about uninstalling OA again and trying to reinstall it but not sure I wanted to go through that again. It might be smarter now for me to change from EAM to Emsisoft Internet Security. Is there any money-saving offers to update from EAM to Emsisoft Internet Security? I just renewed my EAM license.
  9. A few days ago I renewed my license for EAM and reinstalled it because I started getting an error that said to do so because a component was missing. I renewed my license one or two days late. I also ran the latest Windows Vista Updates later that day - I have SP2. Since that time I started being unable to access the Internet. I've been running Online Armor free version because I haven't renewed that license yet. I was trying to decide to stay with it and the Windows Vista issues that occur, or change to Emsisoft Internet Security. I have the latest version of Online Armor installed - too because I wanted to rule out various problems. Whenever I now have the Online Armor Firewall enabled I can't access the Internet on this laptop. When I turn off the OA firewall after 20-30 seconds or so I can access the Internet again. Windows network repair reports a firewall may be blocking "domain" and I need to fix the following: Policy Provider: - Filter Name: Transport Inspect ALE Classify I have no idea what this is exactly or how to fix it? All I know is with the OA firewall on I can't access the Internet and with the OA firewall turned off I can access the Internet. I'm using a wireless connection to a Zone Alarm router. I've gone through all the permissions and can't spot anything being blocked that would cause the firewall to deny my laptop Internet access. I just know when I turn the OA firewall off I have Internet access again. I can leave the rest of OA functioning. I don't recall any other changes recently besides reinstalling EAM and the latest Windows Vista updates. I have told both EAM and OA to ignore both program folders. My hosts file has not been changed. EAM does not show any infections. I can't figure out why the Online Armor firewall is blocking my laptop from Internet access? Internet access is working for my other devices. I don't have Online Armor on any of them. I use my laptop for more sensitive work and wanted the extra control of a software firewall. I have Windows Defender and Windows Firewall both turned off.
  10. I found the answer for HIPS not being included in EIS 9 when it actually goes live. What I expected - too complex for regular users. I will stick with separate EAM and OA as you suggested for my needs. Thanks.
  11. I now realize I have been confused between 'Emsisoft Internet Security Pack' (also version 9-something) and 'Emsisoft Internet Security 9.0' as part of my misunderstanding. I will search for previous information about why HIPS is no longer going to be included to help decide if I stay with my present setup or switch. Thanks.
  12. So the Online Armor included in the new EIS 9 does or does not have HIPS?
  13. Once again I appreciate the confirmation. I believe I did not suffer any consequences (other than time ) from helping my family member. I think I also cleaned her computer correctly and hopefully completely. If she doesn't wipe and upgrade to Windows 7 I will try the SafeBootKeyRepair you suggested. Thanks again.
  14. That was all helpful information - thanks! I will give the MBRMastr program a test. Not sure if I left the TDSSkiller logs on my family member's computer after I finished cleaning everything. I will check if I get a chance to see it. I will try the suggested safe boot repair utility too if she doesn't take my advice soon to upgrade to Windows 7, my preferred outcome for that computer. I don't think I kept a list of the various trojans from her netbook. For some reason I expected the EEK that I received from Emsisoft to not be writeable - of course it isn't bootable. I will have to look into that more. Your information that this particular bootkit doesn't spread via USB helps. There were other trojans on her computer too so I will do some more research on whether or not certain infections could transfer to USB drives for my own knowledge since I do occasionally get asked to help friends and family clean their computers.
  15. I was helping a family member on a netbook that had multiple infections including a questionable 'antivirus' program that may have downloaded a number of related questionable software programs. Her issues seemed to have started when she somehow got a copy of Systweak Advanced System Protector. She has Windows XP and IE8 on the netbook. I used an older version of EEK and then once I felt I had her clean enough to risk connecting to the Internet I updated EEK to the latest version and found some more junk including some downloaders and adware crap. Once I thought I had her system clean I installed Avast Free for her (her budget at the moment) and ran a scan. Avast found a rootkit reported as boot:cidox-a. I had to use TDSS to delete that rootkit and get a final clean report from various scan engines. The only issue left is that I can't boot the netbook into any version of safe mode? I have recommended to her that she upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as possible so her IE can be updated to a safer version so I'm not going to put anymore time into the safe mode issue. My question here is why EEK was unable to detect boot:cidox-a on her computer? Should EEK and/or Emsisoft Anti-Malware (I run the latest version of that myself) be able to detect and fix boot:cidox-a? I used my laptop to update the EEK USB drive and I'm slightly concerned about the risk of transferring something from the USB drive from her laptop to my laptop also?
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