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  1. I'm asking again of there is any news because nobody replied to me after i've send .nfo file almost 2 weeks a go. Thanks
  2. andrewf, Is there any news? I guess that you have probably found that they are some issue with something on my computer. Let me know it.
  3. I've send link to you with my .nfo file.
  4. I hope that they will find out something. Right now i have cleaned out Logs map that took about 50GB. Strange !
  5. I have send you PM with link to log files. Hope that you will find what is wrong. Acctually It does not make any difference. Disabling Malwarebyte's or enabling or anything else that i tried. More annoying comes black screen during booting for about 2 minutes and it is exactly time that OA take during booting. After 2 minutes comes regularly windows screen with loading of programs. On my Vista 32bit i do not have any issue and use almost same programs as on Win764 bit ((F-secure, Malwarebytes, Winpatrol, Keyscrambler)
  6. This is what i did, Uninstalling OA complettely then restarting 2x and after uninstalling OA boot up is again fast. Then installing of OA again. Restart - 3x faster update than it was before. Second time restarting a bit slower, Thirth time restarting and OA is back to old slow annoying time. I have not tried unchecking Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.I will try it but i use same programs and same version of programs on my Vista32 system and there is not any issue with boot up.
  7. I have finally uninstalled OA from my win-7 64 system. I have tried everything but it slow down boot time for more than 2 minutes. Nothing help and i'm start to believe that it is OA issue with 64 based system because on my other 32 based system i do not have issue.
  8. It seems that OA have server issue. Sometime automatically update does not works but when i tried a couple time manually to get update then finally i could get connected with server and receive update.
  9. Yes, All other security programs are added to OA exclusions list and OA is added to their exclusions list.
  10. I'm running last version At least i hope that it is last version. Not sure why Soluto show it as 5.1. Thanks for reply. btw All other security software that i run including OS that i use can be seen in my profile.
  11. I'm not sure which one is Online Armor ++ edition but i hope that it does not affect Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall (current version because i would like to keep my firewall, Antimalware and Antivirus apart and not to have everything in one product. That;'s was mainly reason that i switched from PCtools firewall to Emsisoft firewall. Once company started to put everything in one product is for myself time to look for company who give us option to use only one product. So hopefully Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall will continue to be as it is one.
  12. Have you tried to disable Online Armor temporary just to see of it works when Online Armor is disabled? If it only does not works when Online Armor is enabled then open Online Armorm and go to Firewall - Rules - Computers. You will see all computer in your network. Simple set status trusted to each of computer in your network and i think that it should works then. Good luck!
  13. I use Online Armor on 2 computers: Win7 64x and Vista 32x and i've notice very slow boot up on both computer. On Win7 64x is even worse than on Vista 32x. I've attached screeshot to this post from Soluto. Once it take 50 second and another time 80 second but everything what is above 30 second should be consider as piece of software that slow down computer. Once is everything loaded i do not see any issue but boot up and shut down of computer take a long time and i hope that team behind Emsisoft will do something about it in future. Thanks
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