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  1. I have actually resolved most of it myself with the exception of the occasional security center alert telling me my anti virus is not on or not installed, and having to turn the guards off and back on to get it to stop. The boot issue and random display of tray icons seem to be connected, although im not sure how, but solving one seemed to solve the other. At some point, my system Reserve ended up about 50% fragmented, after reading endless pages on not to mess with it, i went into the Disk Management through the start menu, and assigned the system reserve a letter long enough to gain access and defrag it, and my boot up is now back to normal. The issue above of the security center, i have read if you excluded OAP and EAM from each other this should stop that, and i have them both excluded from each other.. At this point it is a minor inconvenience that i can live with, but would love to see a solution too! Sorry for late reply, i had to take the time to reset my machine back to factory settings, update it ect..
  2. After installing OA and updating, both OA and EAM loose their placement in the system Icon Tray, randomly appearing in different places, if they appear at all. A few times the system will start, and they will not appear, even if i manually try to force them to, i have to restart the system. With them both excluded from each other, i am still having issues of the security center flagging EAM as turned off as well, although now, it will after so many minutes, correct itself.
  3. Thank you both for replying. I will have to restore my system again to reproduce the problem so it will take me a day or so to get back with the debug files. @Andrewwf, The 2 times i had Comodo killswitch as my task manager and malwarebytes as a on-demand scanner, other then this, i had no other security on my system. The last few times i did a reset to factory settings, I only had malwarebytes "on-demand" on my system. I did manage to figure out the boot up problem, as i am a person that after downloading new programs, i clean up and defrag, usually after creating a restore point and deleting previous ones. I attempted again today without doing a reset, this time i changed the sequence, I download OAP and updated it then did the clean and defrag, before i was downloading it, doing the clean and defrag then updating and doing it again, which caused a serious sporadic boot. This issue is resolved, although im not quite sure why it would need to be done in that sequence, as any other security suites i have run, work fine doing this. I am still having issues with the sporadic placement of tray icons and OAP tray icon at one point, just disappeared, then EAM did the same upon the next boot, i have them set to exclude each other. This is on a windows 7 64 bit system. Im trying to pinpoint the problems as i really like this software and would hate to discontinue the use of, but as i stated above, i work with my computer, and it has to be reliable.
  4. Due to the lack of response to this post above, I am trashing the license i have for both OAP and EAM. What a waste of money. I sincerely hope "paying" customers in the future are not ignored this way. Did i mention that i work on computers, and have customers asking me what i would recommend to secure their systems? I tried a 4th clean install, once again downloading OAP, which is of course, needing updated, updated to the latest version, and bam, same issue. This on a windows 7 64 bit machine. My first question with this is, why do you guys not update the download link on your home page so there is no need to update right off the bat. Secondly, i know im not the only one experiencing the slow down issues or sporadic boot and tray icon placing, as well as the age old security center issues, where even when you exclude OAP and EAM from each other, they keep having issues. I expected a professional response here on what could have been the issue and received nothing, so imagine my disappointment in a company i would have kept buying licenses from.
  5. I have noticed a problem upon boot up from OAP after it was updated to ..... The start up sequence i have noticed has been sporadic, so upon further investigation, i have come to find, the upgrade, had scattered my hard drive, specifically my "system Volume Information". It seems to effect the start up times "slow boot" as well as sporadic placing of tray icons. I have tried 3 different defrag programs to resolve the issue, one i even did a chkdisk and boot time defrag, and it did not touch it. This is the only software that has caused this issue on my system, and i have tested many Internet Security Programs. At this time i have to remove both OAP and EAM and restore factory settings. I would like to see a fix to this problem so i can eventually use my license for both of these products as i really do like them other then this issue. I know it to be the update, as when i first install OAP it is fine, until i update it, then this issue begins. I did this from a clean install of my system 3 times to confirm, as well as tested other suites with the same programs to see if i could reproduce the problem and could not. It is a bug within the update causing the issue.