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  1. So....Has anyone figured out how to re-run the safety check wizard without re-installing Online Armor since the button was removed? SOmeone please answer, thank you.
  2. Ya know, now that I think about it, I could just look at the list of programs that are trusted or not. So yeah, I suppose you are right, there is no need for it. lol, sometimes I do things the hard way.
  3. Well, I run it every so often. Just to refresh all the rules. Like if I accidentally left learning mode on for to long, and thus possibly allowing unwanted even dangerous programs to run in the background. So like I said,I would run the wizard to go through my programs and make sure everything was trust worthy. Also: Speaking of Learning mode, is there some sort of reminder that could inform me if I have left the firewall in learning mode?? I find it a real pain that it doesn't shut off. automatically I have turned it on just to install some small program, and I left it on without noticing it
  4. So...is this permanent? Or is there another way to run the wizard? please enlighten me. thanks
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