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  1. Oh ok. My ex boyfriend set up this computer for me years ago. I had no idea. So I need to uninstall Adobe then? How do I know if a program was installed illegally?
  2. Combo fix is done scanning! I noticed that before it finished Hitman started a quick scan. Also, I tried to open Chrome, and internet explorer and an error message popped up saying: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe Illegal Operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion Not sure what that means but it has me a little concerned. Also, Hitman has finished scanning now and has found no threats. Edit: just tried to open iTunes and photoshop and a few other files and programs (such as the log I just attached) and have gotten the same error message a
  3. Disregard the AVG error. I ran two programs found on the AVG boards. That seemed to get rid of the remnants left by AVG. ComboFix is now running properly. Will report back with log ASAP.
  4. Hmm I disabled Avast and tried to run Combo Fix but my computer beeped twice and is telling me AVG is still running even though I uninstalled it over three days ago. I did a search for AVG and it doesn't show up at all in C:\ Not sure what to do...
  5. The scan has been completed. Hitman did not make a log for me to attach. It found 14 items, three trojans and several zero access files as well as old tracking cookies. it deleted most of them and asked me to reboot to delete the last two. So far the computer has been running smooth, not popups from Avast yet. How will I know that it has successfully removed the virus and my computer is back to normal? Thanks
  6. Sounds good. Just running the scan now. Just wanted to also let you know, I tried to open the x64 version but it said it was not compatible with the version of Windows that I'm running so I guess I'm running 32 bit instead. Will post logs as soon as possible. Thanks
  7. Hi there! I'm running a 2007 HP Pavilion a6000n with Windows Vista (64) On Friday last week I was looking for an OCR program and downloaded this virus (trojan?) by accident. It seemed like it was "freeware" but as soon as I clicked on the exe it disappeared and immediately my computer became laggy. AVG did not pick it up right away but Chrome did and would not let me get into my gmail/facebook etc as the trojan had logged me off of these sites in an attempt to get my login info. As soon as I realised what had happened, I downloaded Avast and got rid of AVG. Avast picked up the trojan immedi
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