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  1. long time user of Emsisoft Emergency Kit so is there a new version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit yet "beta for testing" ?
  2. I have this since a long time . I have been notice that Emsisoft Emergency Kit is to have a less adware or malware detection etc ?! is there any problem ? so Emsisoft Emergency Kit isn’t detected any much adware or any type of it anymore !
  3. no there is no warning about reboot or something !
  4. I don’t need to malware Assistant but all i need is to check Whether is a bug or not
  5. hi there i just run a Custom Scan yesterday for C/ drive and Some of infection has been found! Then I clicked on quarantine, and the program proceeds to start removing items! Suddenly my system goes into an unexpected shutdown !?
  6. i have no antivirus on my system but all i have is a Portable Protection Software and Mbam free version Installed on my system !
  7. hi yes i have other security software on my computer!
  8. aha ,here other screenshot for custom scan settings area
  9. hi yes it stuck at 70% then scanning process goes slowing-down and no scan cancel !
  10. thank for fixed version ! it’s okay now !
  11. I just run a malware check(Custom scan on my drive C) with Eek But it seems that the "scanning process" becomes a slow when up to 70% ? this scan was run almost more 2 hor and the scanning process look like stuck there ?
  12. Finally, I got into the pop-up problem. And now I have a screenshot
  13. ya i know but Kevin Zoll no longer want to help my da
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