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  1. long time user of Emsisoft Emergency Kit so is there a new version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit yet "beta for testing" ?
  2. I have this since a long time . I have been notice that Emsisoft Emergency Kit is to have a less adware or malware detection etc ?! is there any problem ? so Emsisoft Emergency Kit isn’t detected any much adware or any type of it anymore !
  3. check this . A webpage over there is offer a Fake guidance to uninstall emsisoft softwares!
  4. is this website Belongs to emsisoft ? http://www.isthisfilesafe.com/
  5. Then upgrade the board or any board change will affect the threads again ? why just my who’s affect ? and i have the same problem with Mbam board too but i will ask them either ...
  6. create an new topic then will got deleted agian ? What is the benefit?
  7. ok but i have a topic on Malware submissions (p.s : only my topic’s was closed onHelp, my PC is infected ) which i needed for submit a new malware and Rogue sample so you need to bring an idea lol !
  8. no not fine so I asked you to restore all my topic and reply
  9. aha , thank for check my probelm but I am still waiting for your answer.
  10. I remember I own a lot of topic, more than 10 in all English sections ! i have more then 4 topic in Help, my PC is infected! But I can not find them i have 1 topic in Malware submissions But I can not find them
  11. i know i have a lot of topic but where my topic’s go ? i just searching in the forum but nothing coming up only a few topics ?