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  1. I am not sure if it was.. this is what was in the history
  2. The problem remains, Today Adobe Reader 10 froze, I guess is not related with any program specifically. I am not even 100% sure that this could be related directly with OA but OA is always taking the CPU.
  3. Which problem do you mean? the one where BitTorrent stops responding?
  4. The logging options are disable, I think. See image below
  5. Thanks for replying. I am using OA Free version: // Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32bits // UnThreat Free AV This happened just now: I left the PC with BitTorrent running and when I returned BitTorrent was frozen. I oppened Task Manager and saw that Online Armor was taking around 20%~30% of the CPU. I tried to open internet explorer but the internet connection was dead, there was a yellow triangle with a exclamation mark on the network indicator near the clock. I turned the firewall off, in Online Armor (just the firewall), and everything was back to normal, CPU usage dropped and the in
  6. Hello, I am having some problems with my computer startup, some times not all of the startup programs will load. I have started a OA debug and will now upload the logs. Unfortunately all the programs loaded normally during this debug but three occasions there were dome problems with OA: One of the times I received an error message regarding a memory reading error and OA did not load; On the other time the Bluetooth icon was not displayed in the tray and OA inbound/outbound firewall traffic icon was not displayed either, also during this time there was a magnifying glass on top of the OA shi
  7. Quick update, I uninstalled OA and PCTools, and re-installed PC Tools Free AV. The problem persists with OA uninstalled, just does not occur that often for some reason OA increases the times that PCTools freezes the PC. Well obviously PCTools is having some sort of problem, unrelated to OA, in my PC. - So the problem is unrelated with OA. I have changed my AV to Unthreat Free and re-installed OA. Thanks all for the assistance.
  8. Ok, after all, the problem persists even when Online Armor is prevented from booting up with windows (untick Launch OA in next startup), I guess this is a PCTools's only problem. When I untick "Launch OA in next startup" the OA drivers and services are not loaded and thus it can not cause incompatibility, right?
  9. I have installed PC Tools Free and it appears that the two programs are not working well together, the boot time has increased and the computer freezes up whilst opening some programs and surfing the web. During the time in wich the computer is frozen PCTools service is the only one taking CPU OA appears to be sitting there doing nothing but I believe it is doing something because if I disable OA the problem is solved. Disabling PC Tools (and leaving OA enabled) also fixes the problem. So, I would like to know what OA's files should I add to the exclusions in PCTools? PCTools only lets me add
  10. Hey, I am running OA free (latest version) on a Win 7 SP1 32 bits computer. I was wondering if PC Tools Free AV is compatible with OA? I am assuming that I would need to exclude PC Tools free in OA settings and OA in PC Tools settings, but appart from that will they run well? As anyone already tried out this setup?
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