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  1. Help me please

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My computer is back to normal! I did the last step and everything is cleared out, and i feel more educated about taking care of my computer now! No more weird/scary popping up ads anymore! YAY! I really appreciate all of the help you gave me to get my computer fixed I really hope you get payed a lot for this, because you helped me when no one else did! Thank you for taking the time to help me, and your awesome! Thank you!
  2. Help me please

    My computer is running very well! It's back to normal and no weird/crazy ads are popping all over the screen like it used to! Here is the new log
  3. Help me please

    Here you go
  4. Help me please

    Here is the new log for combofix.
  5. Help me please

    okie dokie, here is the new log
  6. Help me please

    Oh, I turned my pc off and waited and turned it back on, then i tried it again and it worked. Sorry, for the confusion but it worked. Here is the new log.
  7. Help me please

    okay, umm I tried running the scan but something went wrong. The screen went blank, and i could see my mouse and then the computer started over. Then an error thing popped up. What do i do?
  8. Help me please

    do i need to click the purity, and LOP Check boxes when i do this scan?
  9. Help me please

    Okie dokie, here is the new OTL log
  10. Help me please

    when i run another scan with OTL, do i need to change the settings or just run it as it is?
  11. Help me please

    Was this supposed to make the weird ads go away because right now there are no weird ads popping up! YAY! This makes me sooo happy Is there something else i need to do, or is my computer clean?
  12. Help me please

    I did everything you told me to do so far But, the same weird ads are still popping up on every website i go to
  13. Help me please

    These are the logs from the scans
  14. Help me please

    umm im kind of confused, but ill try to figure it out right now.
  15. Help me please

    THANK YOU for reopening! But, i have a question, after i tried to open the emergency kit scanner but it says, "this application depends on other compressed files in this folder. For this application to run properly, it recommended that you first extract all files" so should i extract the files or just run?