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  1. Can't Delete Virus :-(

  2. Can't Delete Virus :-(

    Can I run ComboFix in Safe Mode w/ Networking?
  3. Hi I beleikeve I have a Rootkit. ran Emsisoft Emergency Scan, the Deep one. It said I had a rootkit, but it can't delete it. Here's the name-C:\Windows\System32\services.exe detected: Virus.Win32.Sirefef!E2
  4. Hi I have a virus that keeps popping up in my Scan with this and AVG. And Avg keeps alerting me about a Trojan, but wont deletye it. My Emsisoft says I can't delete it because it needs it for my system to work. And I have to contact Emsisoft so I can delete it manually. So here I am Contacting Emsisoft. Here's the Problem..
  5. Okay so I downloade Emsisoft after my laptop got totally infected and my system was hacked into. I was a victim om the FBI Moneypak Scam :-( That problem is gone now, i think. But now my laptop is acting very funny. It takes long to load up, my avg alert keeps saying trojan horse patched c.lze is in my System32/services and I can't delete it! I've tried removing it with emsisoft but it tells me thatg I can't because it's essential for windows to work! I know it's some type of rootkit but I don't know what to do!!!!!! I need help. ASAP