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  1. OK running 11.0.05958 Beta and all seems OK. No BSOD for a few days now and all Chrome based Browsers running OK in Sandboxie. Plus, drum roll for excitement, I now an getting full functionality from HostsServer and HostsMan. This may well be like an early Christmas unless "the Wosarnator" has any bad news or comments? Otherwise ring the bells and prepare the slays! We are off! Then again? We kill the whole Beta Update thing ....... when?
  2. OK thanks, I am now running EIS Version Beta. So far for the last 48 hours I have had no BSOD Crashes. Based upon prior experience I am not convinced yet but this looks very good to date. Give it another two days and you got me. Thanks for all the Support. PS Chrome Based Browsers in Sandboxie seem OK. PPS I am getting no Log Recordings in HostsServer which I use in combination with HostsMan? No doubt considered redundant by some!
  3. Hi Andrew, Well everything was great until it BSOD Crashed again. Yet another Dump File attached. Thanks for all your efforts to fix this Hi Fabian, "Depending on the feedback we get from you and other affected users it shouldn't take too long." As you can see the BSODs continue however Chrome based Browsers in Sandboxie are still working OK. Sorry about that. Here's hoping guys. 111815-39031-01.zip
  4. @Peter2150 Hi, Now that is a snippet of information that would have been good to know. Enabled Beta, downloaded, installed, rebooted and left Enabled. Google Chrome is in Sandboxie and working and as for the BSOD I will have to wait and see. Does this mean that I (we all) are a Beta Diet for life? Can we switch back when and if we get a fully functional stable version? How will we know when it is available? Thanks
  5. Hi Fabian, Just the response I would expect. I'll wait and see.
  6. @Andrew F Hi, Thanks for getting back and the your efforts in fixing this. So I turned on accept beta updates and updated and then rebooted my system. The good news was that the beta seemed to have fixed at least the Chrome + Sandboxie issue. I can not tell about the BSOD. So I turned off accept beta updates. The bad news is that about an hour later another update, seemingly not a beta, occurred requiring a system shut down and now Chrome (Vivaldi etc) in Sandboxie are broken again! One step forward and one step back. The joys of product development. Can't wait for the next BSOD. Tick, tick ..... a few hours later. The rest of the bad news, my latest BSOD. Opera (12.7) in Sandboxie streaming content. Boom. Getting sick of this but with high hopes. Keep trying guys, we are all with you. So I guess that would be a yes/don't know for the beta and a no/no for the later "update". I await. 111715-24648-01.zip
  7. Great to get the Emsi Feedback on the Dump Files I have Posted! NOT! Power to you CP! Anyhoo here is yet another BSOD related to EIS 11. Thanks Fabian! (from Wilder Forums) Can I submit "the costs" of the damages that this is doing to my PC and Laptop and Consulting Business to Emsisoft? Yeah, Yeah, I know you are working on it .... yet again. 111615-32183-01.zip
  8. Well, Here we are again with BSOD number 6 or 7 since Friday 13th and the unilateral upgrade from stable EIS 10 to clealy unstable EIS 11. Opera (12.7) in Sandboxie Streaming Content. Recently upgraded latest version Chrome x 32 to Chrome x 64. That did not solve the Sandboxie issue. However Chrome x 32 and now Chrome x 64 did/do work outside Sandboxie. Attached is yet another Mini Dump File. fwndislwf64.sys (Emsisoft Firewall Engine, Emsisoft Ltd) WhoCrashed reports the above as the likely culprit. I think that has been the supposed issue in all of the MiniDumps I have attached as requested. Yeah, I have been told here previously that WhoCrashed is of no use, but for us lesser than other self confessed coding geniuses, it will suffice to point us at least in a likely direction. I am still not in a happy place with this! 111515-31496-01.zip
  9. Hi, Well I hope the Zipped Mini Dumps of the BSODs are attached. There are three attachments as my PC has just BSOD Crashed twice more since I first Posted. Today 14/11/2015 = Opera Browser (12.17) not in Sandboxie and Streaming Content. Later Opera Browser (12.17) in SandBoxie 5.06 Streaming Content. Switched back to ESI Firewall On and my Belkin Automatic Power Management Software is back. Still BSOD Crashes. Seriously if Emsisoft knew there were stability issues related to Chrome, Sandboxie etc. why did they unilaterally upgrade us all to ESI 11? Looking forward to fixing this and getting some answers. Thanks Minidump.zip 111415-30903-01.zip 111415-24788-01.zip
  10. Hi, This feels like deja vu on the last major ES Update around Jan 2015. That was supposedly an IPv6 issue? My Win 7 Home Premium 64Bit PC has crashed four time so far today after the auto update to ES If relevant I have been streaming content before all crashes. WhoCrashed reports that it is the ESI Firewall that is causing the BSODs. I have disabled the ESI Firewall and am running the Windows Firewall. (that idea did not work as the PC has BSOD Crashed after disabling EMSI Firewall) Chrome will work but not in SandBoxie. Nor will Vivaldi. Sandboxie as reported in other Posts does not work properly with the ESI Update. The Update also seems to have killed my Belkin Automatic Power Management Software. There may be other affected programs that I have not discovered yet. A "Leap in Technology" it might be but it is a "Gigantic Step backwards in Stability". Again like last time EMSI throws its users and customers to the wolves with clearly unstable Security Software. How is this possible? I better get this posted before my next BSOD. Help!
  11. Hi, Given where you are always coming from, you might enjoy these. laopa
  12. Hi, Just to clarify the IPv6 figures. OK let's live with the Google Stats. firstly the 01/01/2015 figure for the World Average = 5.84% more germane to our discussion is that the USA = 14.59% Germany = 14.59% Norway = 9.15% France = 6% Suffice to say that in the markets where, I would assume, Emsisoft makes a large proportion of its sales and where a large proportion of its users/customers are, then the uptake of Ipv6 is 2 to 3 times the World Average you misquote. Even if it was only 5% as you incorrectly stated, then if we assume that EIS users/customers actually connect to the internet then you could also assume that 5% of them are going to be using IPv6? Not 0.01% and not 0.2% but 5% and as stated above, this would in reality be 2 - 3 times that many users/customers in Emsisoft's Major Markets using EIS, having IPv6 and suffering from unexplained and clearly related BSOD? I know you do not see that many emails and visitors to this forum but those are the potential realities of how many EIS users/customers (5 - 15%) could be having BSOD crashes without having any idea of what is causing them!. Minimize that. laopa
  13. Fascinating how you like to remove negative posts by your users/customers but keep the derogative/denigrating comments of your staff.
  14. OK now we have a real issue, You publish on the web details of my email address and ISP in an attempt to justify your incompetence and annoyance. Not Acceptable EMSISOFT. You need to FIRE this dude and move one. laopa
  15. All hands to the Battlements - Barbarians at the Gate - Barbarians = Users/Customers with questions! Didn't get this on PC or Laptop - my bad - my fault of course! I love your ability to invent numbers/statistics to suit your arguments and apply them in such a sarcastic tone, That is TOTAL Analytical Rubbish! It takes NO consideration of the number of users/customers who have NO IDEA that their BSOD are related to Emsisoft EIS. So if they don't know it is your fault makes it OK???? Even in your limited and somewhat bent view you managed to up the "incidence" from 0.01% to 0.2% - that's like a 20 times increase. Cool! That was not my point and you know it! Nothing at my end but let me guess --- that would also be my fault, again! I'll let "stapp" know that I should not bother to follow his/her advice to look at WinDbg. Save your efforts, we all know there are holes in the bucket - just fix them and stop telling us about the benefits of doing nothing! laopa
  16. Hi, I really do not want get into a to and fro argument here and end up getting banned for speaking up, PLUS I recognize the hard work of all the Emsisoft Staff and yourself (FW) plus Members on the Forum but a lot of your replies are just standard "self justification and head in sand" stuff. However since FW took the time to selectively dissect my input and then "dump" on me I feel I need to say something. How could you possibly have calculated this number????? You have no idea how many of your users/customer have the BSOD problem and are wandering around on the Net looking for an answer. As a "non technical" person I found the program very useful in pointing me in at least one direction to look for an answer. Seemingly so did Member PeterNauta, who's numerous posts in the thread I started, are full of WhoCrahsed Reports, and who your Global Moderator (Peter2150) is now asking to be a "beta tester". Glad to here there are more sophisticated tools out there. How would a "non technical" person like me get hold of this software/freeware? FYI I run a Fritz.Box 7490 Dual Band Router with IPv6 functioning. I sent in a direct email to Emsisoft for Tech Support / Help Desk and have not heard one thing back yet. As a user/customer, who over the last couple of months has spent dozens of hours and hundreds of $$$ trying to fix these EIS Firewall related BSDO on two machines - Yes I would! Emsisoft has no problem in spamming me about other matters of interest to them. Anyway enough of that. I would like to thanks all those who have helped me solve my problems at this time and will be back to the Forum when and if necessary. I however stick to the assertion that Emsisoft could learn something positive from this exercise in how better to communicate and serve its users/customers. laopa
  17. Hi Threft, Good that you worked it out. I only found a reference to "WhoCrashed" after looking at dozens of forums trying to figure out why the BSOD started on my PC and my Kids Laptop weeks and weeks ago. I have replaced the RAM in both machines and the HDD in the Laptop plus my External HDD on the PC, all as a consequence of these constant BSOD issues, false leads to fixes, and trying to track down the cause. Stumbled on the first "MS hot fix" after weeks of trying everything. Applied that "hotfix", got a copy of "whocrashed" and have been keeping an eye on both systems ever since. Then this disaster of the EIS update of 31st Dec/01Jan 2015 brought it all back. What is really worrying to me and seems to you, is that there are no doubt many others out there, who are having this problem and have not lucked on to the link between the BSOD and their Emsisoft Software. Emsisoft has NOT been proactive about letting users/customers know about the BSOD problem and solutions at all. I get regular "self congratulatory" articles and "scary malware threats" notices in my EIS on a daily, if not weekly basis. NOT ONE mention of this BSOD issue though. Someone at Emsisoft needs to attend an "Issues Management" Training Course so that they can get on the "front foot" over these issues and keep their users/customers both fully informed and happy. The dangers of saying nothing far out way the short term issue of admitted a problem that can be fixed. Those represented on this Forum can only be a very tiny proportion of Emsisoft and EIS users, whilst all the others out there, are no doubt pulling their hair out and wondering what the heck to do about their constantly crashing systems. Just put BSOD into a search engine and I bet the first thing that pops up is not related to EIS ... mostly about Windows. Get your act together Emsisoft! Frustrated! laopa
  18. Hi Threft, Like I posted to Crouty grab a copy of Resplendence WhoCrashed and after you run the minidump analysis you will be able to tell most likely what is causing your BSOD. http://www.resplendence.com/whocrashed Good Luck laopa
  19. Hi, Looks like a lot happened whilst I was asleep. The only way I could operate my PC yesterday was to Disable EIS in Services and then Enable Windows Defender and Windows Firewall to give my system some protection. As of this morning I have uninstalled and reinstalled EIS twice. Could not apply or find any updates because as soon as I Enabled EIS (Services) I got multiple BSODs. So after the first uninstall and reinstall I got EIS back but no Internet Connection. After the second uninstall and reinstall and subsequent Update? EIS seems to be working and I have an Internet Connection back. Given the dozens of hours I have spent with my PC and my kids Laptop over the last nearly two months of two different, but in the end similar, Episodes of BSOD related to EIS and it seems its Firewall Component, I would not rate the program as overly user friendly and certainly no where near as stable as the combination of Online Armor and Anti-Malware that I used for years. Interesting that a number of forum Emsisoft Staff show that they are still using Anti-Malware and I presume Online Armor? Have to also admit that, after happily using Emsisoft Security Software (Online Armor & Anti-Malware) for many years, one more Episode of BDOS with EIS and I will not be renewing my Licenses coming up in March 2015. Disappointed does not cover it. laopa
  20. Hi Crounty, Download a copy of WhoCrashed from Resplendence Software and check the Analyses Report to be sure. http://www.resplendence.com/whocrashed Maybe we can ALL get Emsisoft to Fix this. laopa
  21. Hi, The Post that was Deleted, also mentioned that I tried un-installing and then re-installing MS Hot Fix KB2958399 but all that did was get EIS (Emsisoft Internet Security) Firewall to Enable then we were back to repeated BSOD Crashes. Never, ever, had this problem when running Anti Malware & Online Armor as separate software packages! Maybe forwards is really backwards. I have always been very cautious about "we can do everything" bloat-ware. Anyway HELP!! laopa
  22. Hi, If you can tell me how to do that, via instructions meant for a four year old, I would be very happy to. I tried including the WhoCrashed (Resplendence Freeware) Report which clearly identified fwndis64.sysas the BSOD cause but your Forum does not seem to like Facts. laopa
  23. Hi, For the last month or so I have been having repeated BSOD experiences with both my PC and my child's Laptop. After weeks of searching forums on the web I found a Windows Hotfix related to the crashes and Emsisoft Internet Security. I ran the hot fix and the BSOD seemed to have gone away. Now this morning 01-01-2015 they are back with a vengeance. I noticed that there has been an update of a number of Emsisoft Internet Security Files dated 01/01/2015 and when I ran WhoCrashed (Resplendence Freeware) the culprit again turned out to be Emsisoft Firewall - fwdis64.sys. I am back to where I started. Great New Years Present from Emsisoft. Surely Emsisoft is aware of this issue and yet they fail to fix it!!!! In fact in own my case, and I assume others, they have reintroduced the problem again. I have disabled Emsisoft Internet Security in Services and am relying on Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. HELP!!!!! laopa
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