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  1. Works fine for me. Thank all for the fix. Sorry if I seemed in a hurry. In my version of English, "shortly" means in the next couple of hours, not next week.
  2. Folks, I know Brendan said a fix was coming soon, but I have not seen it yet. I got an update to the t3.dll v1.1.88.0 yesterday, but I still do not have a viable whitelist. I tried moving my config.ini file and having EEK start from scratch, but same problem. Did I miss something?
  3. I know I am late on this topic but here is my 2 cents worth. I have not moved the program at all. All of my whitelisted items are showing in the config.ini file, but when I open EEK and start a new scan, the whitelist is empty and the whitelisted files are detected. Makes me wonder what else EEK is not reading from the config.ini file.
  4. I got the zip file ctrlaltdelete set aside for me to download. It save fine, opened fine, and updated fine. It is scanning now. Thanks all. Lynx -- I have been using a-squared for over a year now and know about massive updates, but this was the first time I had trouble downloading an "install" file. Anyway, thanks all.
  5. I am using WinXP SP3 with a dial-up connection. Yesterday I downloaded Emsisoft Emergency Kit with Free Download Manager. It took about 12 hours, but this morning, I could not open the file. 7zip comes up with "Can not open file 'C:\EmsisoftEmergencyKit.zip' as archive". Simply doubleclicking the file generates the message "The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted." So I bit the bullet and re-download it today. It increased in size by about 200K, but downloaded in just under 7 hours. Assuming that not being able to complete the download before the file gets updated is causing the corruption; and as I am on a time limit with my ISP and cannot afford to upgrade my connection to broadband, is there a mirror available that would allow a complete download without interim updates? I only have one more shot at this before I run out of connection hours for a while. If I could get a viable copy downloaded, I could immediately run the update function to bring definitions current. Or is something else causing the corruption? FDM? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, RMB