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  1. Excluded and even completely disabled. Even with Mamutu Service stopped there's no way to start it. This is not an urgent matter. I've uninstalled Mamutu and I'll be waiting for a new version.
  2. No, it doesn't matter whether it's excluded or not. As soon as Mamutu's installed it won't start. Only fix so far is to uninstall Mamutu. It worked on Windows 7 - same Program version of TU.
  3. Well, I see in the logs that there have been component updates in January 2013. Unfortunately the custom rules still don't match the behaviour blocker components (see my post from August 2012: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/8909-group-policy-changes-not-in-custom-rules/). Also Mamutu blocks "Total Uninstall" (http://www.martau.com/) from starting entirely even with Mamutu completely disabled - on Windows 8 x64 that is.
  4. Is Mamutu dead. I couldn't find it on your website.
  5. Just out of curiosity. Looking into this forum I noticed there haven't been any posts since my last visit one month ago. Just how many Mamutu users are out there. I use the community based alert reduction feature with default settings. But how many is 90%. More than 9 people I trust
  6. Any news on that update yet? I evaluated Anti Malware for a few days. The behaviour blocker module looks quite the same to Mamutu, but to my surprise it doesn't have the bug described above...
  7. Sorry it took a while... yes, that works. The 64 executable extracted at runtime can actually be run by itself when copied to another place. Thanks for that...
  8. Yes, indeed I have paranoid mode enabled. It usually works fine for me. Only ProcessExplorer is a puzzler. I tried to exclude procexp64. Sometimes the rule sticks until reboot, but sooner or later it vanishes.
  9. When launching Sysinternals Process Explorer on Windows 7 64 Bit, Mamutu will alert the behaviour of procexp64.exe. The file procexp64.exe only exists during Process Explorer runtime. Mamutu automatically deletes rules for nonexistent files. It's not possible to use Process Explorer without Mamutu alert on every program start. (Same goes for Process Monitor)
  10. Good morning everyone, the "changes to group policies" behavior is not listed in the custom rules of an application. True for everyone or just me?
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