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  1. Hello, I'm using Emsisoft Anti-Malware Version 5.0 already transformed itself into "free" modus. After update's the module wants to be restarted but it gives an error pop-up window? It's on 2 desktops with Win XP Professional, I have a cable connetion.(no proxy's settings) Did'nt see any error report or I've missed it, only the pop-up who noticed me that there was something wrong. Do I have to reinstall the whole Anti-Malware version 5.0 or are there other solutions to fix the 'problem' Tnx in advance , Pete
  2. Hello, Tnx for the real fast reply. I've read the both links into your message. I do know that irc could be a dangerous place. But I don't use the DCC chats and DCC send files stuff in mIRC. I also do believe there is nothing else wrong with the 7.1 version so I whitelisted it so far. Greets, Pete
  3. Hello again, After a full test this shows up every time. Riskware.Client-IRC.Win32.mIRC!IK Is mIRC malware or is it a false positive notice? (it's only mIRC 7.1 on this pc) At the moment i've removed the Emsi software from this Pc because after an program must be started again and a pop-up showd up with the notice that ther was something wrong with the software? Dunno what it could be. I'm going to reinstall the software and try find out what the problem could be.(tested with anti-malware, test was during morte than an hour) HiJackFree was OK, nothing was marked in red. Greets, Pete
  4. Hello, Home again from seaside I've read the messages and took a little time to solve the 'problem'. It looks like the RealTek HD Audio certificate was idd not right one. I've searched for the 'better' ones and installed them on my other PC Win7 Premium. After installing this new RealTek HD Audio pack and a couple of reboots the problem was solved. HiJackFree by Emsisoft marked it green. (btw, I do sorry for the HiJackFree (hijackthis) mistypo. Thx for the support. Greets, Pete
  5. Hello again, Wow! that's not good what realtek is doing there I think? I've also noticed that the software called 'driverrobot' from RealTek is mostly marked as unsafe on the net. Don't know i'm doing the right thing, I've searched for the download of the drivers myself and found these. I'm not a technician you know. Click Tnx for reading my post. Pete
  6. Hello, Now I've scanned my Win7 Home Premium Edition. Again something shows up that I can't believe it's right, RAVCpl64.exe marked red, it came with the installation of Win7 Home Premium. Click RAVCpl64.exe popped up in red it's the RealTek HD Audio Configuration. Tnx in advance for reading. Pete
  7. Hello, I do believe that the HiJackfree lists lots's of false positives. Ran the software and I've noticed lot's of worms and trojan's on my PC. It scares me, but wondered me, because I have lot of other security software running like: - Avira Free Anti Virus - MalwareBytes - The Cleaner - A-squared Free itself - mrt: MicroSoft Malware Test None of these found something. Also looked at Google as said in the HiJackfree en searched the entire register and PC for malware, trojans and others. Nothing found. I do believe that HijJackFree software is not running that well. It could be
  8. Hello, Downloaded the new Emergency Kit. Installed it on my Win XP - SP3 machine and noticed that: - Emergency Kit Scanner: is working fine - Commandline Scanner: is working fine - HiJackFree: is working fine - BlitzBlank: didn't show up, not working (on my Win7 machine BlitzBlank is working) I can't scan a downloaded zip or rar file directly from the context menu like it worked on the 'older' version of Emisoft Anti-Malware scanner. Somebody, who has the same problem? Greets to ya all.
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