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  1. Good stuff, you can go ahead and close my ticket. I don't require the clean-up process as all tools previously used were wiped during windows re-install, thanks for all the help and keep up the good work!
  2. Here you go... everything ran A LOT faster on after a clean install for sure
  3. Disregard above question, re-imaged using clean install of Windows 7. I was able to backup and recover most of my files... MSE is now working as intended, and the start up is back to original. Thanks for trying at least. If you like I could run another OTL or EEK to see if the repair process was succesful.
  4. That sucks, was hoping not to have do that, but you're the expert and I'll give a shot. I have a Gateway FX6802 Desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1. I do not have a hardcopy backup disc... do you know if there is a "return" to factory settings method through BIOS or am I going to have to purchase another copy of windows? Thanks for all the help, end result is not necessarily the preferred outcome, but thank-you nonetheless. You provide a very knowledgeable and helpful service.
  5. This infection definitely seems like a nasty one. I noticed a few other users experiencing this one too. Does it generally have the same symptoms as disabling anti-virus etc? Your best guess where it came from would be the outdated Java Runtime correct?
  6. Managed to run Combo-Fix, but upon restart it gave me the log and was unable to open up any .exe files (including firefox) giving me a registry error and prompting for deletion of any file that came up. Fortunately a second reboot solved that problem. Would a system restore be of any use? I recall the affected file had a creation date of 3 Aug 2012. I have restore points on the 5th and 6th of Aug, however, it appears as all of my other system restore points were wiped up until 6 Jun 2010. Sorry I 'saved as' the combofix log as 'log', however the attached file is the log that was generated af
  7. Still no Joy, same syntax error line 4... I don't believe this is a problem with the coding, the path is present on my PC, but as I stated previously, many of my programs seemed bugged and are not working as they should.
  8. Same error came up... as well upon boot up this morning, Emsisoft would no longer connect to the network..
  9. Sorry about that, misunderstood. Here is the log as requested. Also, Blitzblank failed to execute, attached is a jpg of the error. Attempted normal double click on Blitzbank as well as running as admin. Back to you.
  10. Not noticing any real difference after the fix. Computer still goes to black screen for a couple of minutes before log-in screen. Log in itself is a bit quicker however. I've uninstalled MSE and installed a fresh version of AVG. MSE still would not run Real-Time Protection and AVG prompts for a restart every time it is logged on. No forced restart as when laxyldodalp.exe was present on the system, however all anti-virus active protections still not initialising. **Edit - On another note, found out that windows disk defrag does not allow an analyse either... appears to begin the process and q
  11. Good day, Today I discovered Laxzyldodalp.exe hiding in plainsight in my C:/User/ folder. I found that I couldn't turn on Real-Time protection on Microsoft Security Essentials or update virus definitions. I could not delete the file, and after installing AVG from Safe Mode, my computer would suffer from a "Windows Critical Error" and be forced to a reboot within a minute. Upon rebooting, AVG suffered many of the same symptoms MSE did. Before installing in Safe Mode, AVG and MSE were both downloaded (after uninstalling my current MSE) and neither would open, stating something to the fact I di
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