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  1. Hi, trujwin.... Yes, I am using Win 7 Home Edition. As I said, I'm not sure what combination of any of that worked, however my Windows 7 had no problem operating the network at all. I had file sharing and printing working with 3 computers. The problem was just in OA. You're correct in stating that the problem has nothing to do with the physical router or the network definition. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that something in the DHCP environment confused OA, and refreshing the client tables and the IP address seemed to set it back on point.
  2. To anyone still interested in this topic...... I had this issue also when I migrated from XP SP3 to Windows 7 SP1 x64. This is what worked for me: 1) Uninstalled Online Armor. 2) Using my web browser, went into my wireless router's control panel; released the main IP address, then renewed the IP address. 3) Still in the router control panel, released the DHCP client list, then refreshed the DHCP client list (it was empty afterwards). 4) Back in Windows, acquired a command prompt screen. 5) entered "ipconfig /release", then entered "ipconfig /renew". 6) Re-installed Online Armor. I don't know if all of these steps were necessary, or some of them, or even one of them. However, after doing all of these gyrations, Online Armor recognized my network. This problem is bigger than it initially looks because it affects more than the firewall settings panel. It also completely disables the real-time network status display, which I have found to be invaluable in diagnosing various comm issues on a number of occasions. Hope this helps......
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