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  1. I haven't tried with the current version. I have been specifically avoiding the newest version for particular reasons. I've been happy with the version I'm on except for this. There must be something in Online Armor that is blocking it, no? Are you saying that it could be the version of utorrent I'm using?
  2. I'm dealing with a very frustrating issue and I can't figure out what the cause is. Sometimes (but not always) Online Armor cuts off my internet access completely when I'm downloading with utorrent (v 2.2.1). Everything can be fine for a while and then suddenly the torrent stops and I can't access the web, not even with my browsers. If I right-click on my Online Armor icon and disable the firewall, immediately my internet access is restored, the torrent starts up again, and I can use the web. What in Online Armor is causing this behavior, and how can I fix it? Like I said, sometimes it doesn'
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