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  1. Hi, I installed EAM in several workstations that connect to the internet via transparent Proxy Server, however only those users without restrictions were able to activate their licenses. I tried whitelisting the following hosts but it didn´t work out: update.emsisoft.com dl.emsisoft.com cdn.emsisoft.com Is there some other host or subdomain that needs to be included in the whitelist in order to activate the licenses ? Thank you !
  2. Sorry, I meant to say: *.emsisoft.com/* (the dot was missing)
  3. Ok. I will try that. However I whitelisted *emsisoft.com/* before and it didn´t work. Thank you !
  4. Hi, I have a customer with several workstations connected to an ISA proxy server for internet access. I need to whitelist the Emsisoft update server in order to allow virus signature download in each wks. I added the whole emsisoft.com domain, however the EAM software is not updating. Can someone help me figure this out ? Note: each workstation updates individually. Thank you in advanced.
  5. Hi Kevin, the PC was cleaned with EAM, all malware quarantined. Can I still run the script on the PC ?
  6. Thank you Elise ! Yes the guest account is used sometimes, however the user is not sure of the exact day of infection. So it is possible to install EAM on a PC and not protect all users ? What is the point ? Is there a way to block suspicious behaviour silently, so the user is not given the choice to bypass the action ?
  7. Hi Elise, What is it with the guest account ? If the user entered as guest, the interception does not occur ? How can I eliminate the virus from the PC ? The owner needs to use it. Thank you.
  8. Hi Elise, The link for the scan results is: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/68cf8feb1ac533d18ec640a2df9109cfe3b619d39d50772b1d95e990fbf017c7/analysis/ Pls. find attached the behavior blocker log. Thank you BB_160226-035148.txt
  9. Hi, My PC has been hit by Ramsomware. I am attaching the required files for your investigation. Best Regards, Antonio Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160225-035354.txt
  10. Hi, thanks for your fast reply ! Pls. find attached the required information. If there is a way to decrypt the affected files, let me know. Regards AdwCleanerC1.txt AdwCleanerS1.txt Fixlog.txt JRT.txt Manuel infected.zip Quarantine.log
  11. Hi, I´ve been hit with a ramsomware virus. Please find attached the corresponding log and Farbar files for your analysis. I also included the ramsom file. The PC was scanned with an updated version of EAM and some malware quarantined. Then it was scanned with the emergency toolkit. Both logs are there. Thank you ! Addition.txt DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.txt FRST.txt scan_160209-140240.txt scan_160209-145722.txt
  12. Hi, Is there a way to activate automatic USB storage device scans ? Thank you
  13. Hi, How can I suppress Emsisoft footer message from outgoing MS Outlook emails ? Thank you
  14. I am having difficulties with outgoing HTML emails and Outlook 2007 with Emsisoft plugin. The behaviour is that all HTML code and images are lost when emails are sent, forwarded or replied to. Incoming emails do not have problems. I am using version and already tried: - disabling outgoing email scans. - disabling "activate email scans" from general tab of conf. menu - disabling ALL protections But the problem persists... Perhaps an Outlook setting is changed during the AV installation. Thanks for your help
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