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  1. Nope, not until now I'll keep you updated if it occures again. So far - Thank you very much!
  2. Hi Guys! I recently merged to EIS, but whenever the Firewall wants a decision for a programm it completely disconnects the LAN connection, is this by purpose? Greetings Wayan
  3. That works perfect Thank you very much Wayan
  4. Hi Emsisoft Folks! At first - I REALLY like the anti-malware / online armor combination At second: From around the beginning of this year, Online Armor seems to block the connection from Eclipse to its debugger. The Problem is - i cannot find something like a blocked entry or even blocked it by hand... Can someone please tell me how to allw he debugger connection to work? If I start debugging in Eclipse i get the following error message: Cannot connect to VM Address already in use: JVM_Bind If i turn off the firewall in Online Armor it works..... Thanks in advance Wa
  5. Here comes the dump yes i use virtual box, is this the problem? It is not running on System start i believe...
  6. Hello Folks, As I installed Online Armor i was prompted to restart my System Win 7 x64) , this is impossible, because i get a BSOD on every restart stating a driver failure. The stated file is a2util64.sys As i uninstalled online armor, my systems starts normally (At first I installed Internet Security package - now I only installed Antimalware) Is there any help on this? Because i want to use my license... P.S. I am running another Windows 7 x64 machine which is operating perfectly Greetings Wayan
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