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  1. I installed Anti-Malware today and went through the setup using the 'Freeware Mode' link. I have since brought up Anti-Malware about three times, and each time I get a pop up, "It is necessary to complete all Security Setup Wizard steps in order to run Anti-Malware. Are you sure you want to exit?" I have proceeded through the setup three times now, and I can't seem to get out of this setup infinity loop. This is v7.0.0.21, running on XP. Any suggestions for getting out of this loop? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Lynx. I'll download and install the build that you pointed me to.
  3. I need to ask a dumb question. I went to Menu -> Configuration -> License (tab), then entered my username/password into the Username and Password fields, then pressed the 'Refresh licenses' button. Nothing happened. I didn't get any feedback positive or negative that it had accepted my login. Am I on the correct screen for preventing the nags? Thanks.
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