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  1. thanks, cat. Would you please let me know when OA will support unicode?
  2. OS: win7sp1 x64 OA: 1. OA cannot stop programs to read these files which are protected by OA's file shield. I tried many programs, such as word, excel and so on. If the filename is in English, it works well. 2. Another old issue that OA's file shield still cannot support PGP virtual partition. After every turning on or restarting OS, I have to shut down OA totally at first and then mount PGP's virtual partition, finally restart OA, or OA cannot protect files, directories in this kind of partitions though I have made rules in file shield. Sincerely hope someone can
  3. Thanks, GT500. The link of logs has been sent to you by message, please check.
  4. OS: win7 sp1 x64 my PGP virtual partition is "w:\". I made a file shield rule for it and activated the rule. the rule details, activate "include sub-directories" Rule type: choose all types for all of programs, unknown, trusted and not trusted, it is "Ask" If used notepad.exe to open a file, w:\a.txt, there is no warning from OA and notepad.exe can read, modify and delete the txt file. If made the same rule for "d:\* "(physical partition) , notepad.exe cannot read d:\a.txt, after click "block" of warning from OA.
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