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  1. Hello everybody, Thanks for your reports, they are kindly appreciated. Can you confirm that you can receive updates correctly? If you are still experiencing the problems during the updates, please let us know.
  2. Hi Deco, You can get the beta version of our software by switching to "Beta" feedback in Settings > Update settings, you can choose it from the dropdown menu. You can switch back to the "Stable" version at any time. We give a free license to the testers that participate actively in reporting any bugs or feedback. Orlando
  3. Hi again, Unfortunately we have just your report regarding this issue and I asked to our support team if we received any report like yours. Could you please tell me if you had debug logs enabled? If yes, could you please attach them here? Thanks, Orlando
  4. Hi Ken, I reply you by points: 1- Actually there is no necessity to disable EAM protection to make a backup. Also it depends on the program you use to make the backup. Depending on that you could decide to disable EAM to speed-up the process. In general, our advice is to keep all protections on. 2- Emsisoft products don't remove tracking cookies. Let us know your feedback! Orlando
  5. Thank you Sadegh, we are investigating more on this. We will update this thread as soon as we have a response. Orlando
  6. Thanks for the feedback Siketa! Case closed, Orlando
  7. Hi Stapp, Correction is applied, will be released soon! Thanks again, Orlando
  8. Hi Peter, Thanks for your feedback! Orlando
  9. Thanks for the feedback Stapp, nice to see that everything is good! We discovered a scan issue, that is most probably the same of what your are describing, we are working on it and the fix will be released really soon. Orlando
  10. Hi Stapp, Thank you for the check and your report, I added your corrections to our tracker and they will be corrected soon. Orlando
  11. Hi Dja2k, Could you please tell me if the update was of Emsisoft Internet Security or if it was an OS update? If it is the second option, most probably is not our fault and we can do nothing. Orlando
  12. Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your report, we will check it. Orlando
  13. Topic unlocked to let users post their feedbacks.
  14. Sorry Stapp, I did understand another thing in your words, my bad. By the way, then it is same issue. The fix will be released soon. Thanks, Orlando
  15. Hi Stapp, any news? Thanks, Orlando
  16. Hi guys, Could you please tell me if "Protect the computer even if no user is logged on" checkbox in Protection > File Guard section is checked? We discovered a small issue here and fixed it, it will be released into next beta and we think this is the same cause here. Thanks, Orlando
  17. Hi, I tried several times in many ways without success. I'll close this issue, please contact me or open a new thread if the issue appears again. Thanks, Orlando
  18. Yes, I am very demanding young boy! A part from jokes, as each bug and fail is different from others, we "should" need always "all" logs. This because each module or component of the program is affected in different way and at first is difficult to say if we need only debug, only dump or whatever. Sometimes is good for us to have all logs ready so we can connect dots and look how different modules are working toghether (if we could not reproduce the problem). To make you an example: If File Guard is failing to start a dump of application is what we need, if the program fails in starting the module of File Guard, then the problem could be both on module and program side and we need dump and debugs, to see how the program call the module and why the module respond/fail. This time we require more logging to exclude to look deeper in some areas, so we can circumscribe the region of the problem and fix it. I am preparing more and clear documentation for you testers to make the things easier and faster for both you and us! Orlando
  19. Hi Stapp, Thank you, I added it to our tracker. For next time: please provide us always debug and dump of application. Thanks, Orlando
  20. Hi again Hjlbx, I tried many times on Windows 10, but I was not able to reproduce the issue. Could you please tell me if you run an automatic or manual update? Do you have debug logs too to attach? Could you also try again with the last stable? Thanks, Orlando
  21. Hi again, Could you please open regedit and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\epp then right click on "epp" key and then click on "Export". Please attach here your files exported. Thank you! Orlando
  22. Post doubled: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/25837-pc-infetto-da-ransomware-forse-nemucode/ Davide, continuiamo la discussione nel link che ho condiviso sopra. Grazie, Oròamdp
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