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  1. when i rebooted after the scan, I got the blue screen of death. I don't know if any of the code it had helps but here it is: ***STOP:0x0000008E (0xc0000005,0xB9E46ccc, 0xBA50698c, 0x00000000) ***iaStor.sys-Address B9E46ccc base at B9E3E000, Date Stamp 446382da Also new log attached
  2. Last time the only options it gave me for the \Device\Harddisk0\DRO was: Skip Cure Copy to quarantine Restore I tried it again. Here is the log:
  3. It said it has unprocessed malware objects
  4. Thanks! Most recent TDSSKiller Log
  5. Whoops, jumped the gun. All the problems that were caused by the rootkit are gone, but the emsisoft scan says it's still there. Thoughts?
  6. I think I'm all set! Thanks a million! =)
  7. It won't let me download the windows recovery console, and I don't have the proper disk for it anymore. The attached log is from after I run Combofix without the recover console. Many thanks!
  8. Right now my security essentials is back up and running. I've updated it and am currently running a full scan. I'm assuming I should still run the combo fix once it's done? Many thanks!
  9. I've completed all of the steps. I still had to shut the computer down manually, and I don't have any programs on my add and remove programs list. Thanks so far though!
  10. Hello, I think I have this lovely little rootkit on my computer that's stopping my old web scanner from updating, making it imposiible to uninstall programs, and preventing my computer from shutting down properly. I did the emergency scan as requested, and attached the log. However when I ran the OTL, an error box told me this: List index out of bounds (21) Hope you can still help!