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  1. Thanks guys Emsisoft update is working now
  2. I have problem cannot connect to the update server,it was perfect today and suddenly cannot update. windows 10 pro x64 latest version
  3. Help please i cannot update everything was work fine today and suddenly i have error Could not connect to the update server. I had tested with SSL encryption option disabled and still have same error. Please fix this i am unprotected, i am using latest Windows 10 Pro x64
  4. I had also noticed much faster scan speeds,based on YT reviews I hope that new product will not skip many files while scanning ,i hope that entire security will not be reduced. i want to every single file on hdd be scanned
  5. Hello, i just want to say,please do not exclude full scan from emsisoft antimalware i just watch now beta 10 review and there is no full scan option. fix that please. and if you can give us even stronger zero day protection just like in online armor, that was great product. and also some kind of anti exploit blocking, and exploit defence to be improved. Emsisoft is a KING ,amazing product highly recommended.. greetings
  6. Hello guys,EAM has recieved a new update and now its ok. I had also disabled and enabled shields 2 time and its fine. This is amazing product best in the world for me.Amazing detection highly recommended thanx
  7. New Info i had checked for update 2 minutes ago,and he asked for pc restart again, and i restarted my system. and now he is downloaded again,he say that he is sucessfully installed inside it, but no notification pop up screen like before and here is log General Information: Update started: 11/30/2014 2:07:14 AM Update ended: 11/30/2014 2:07:34 AM Time elapsed: 0:00:20 Update successful Detailed Information: 2 modules, 651836 bytes Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i06 (325918 bytes) - not updated Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i06 (325918 bytes) - not updated so definitely some issue s
  8. Hello Emsisoft team. A 15 minutes ago my EAM has updates his database,and asked me for restart in order to apply his update properly. I had restarted my pc,and i had noticed that he have a huge bug now. I had checked for database update,and he is downloading same database many times. And he did not show me a pop up notification about sucessful update. EAM have some update problem now,it does not work properly after this new program components update. I had restarted pc few more times,but issue is still here. Win 7 ultimate x 64 sp1, i5 760 4ghz,8 gb ram please fix this bug
  9. Yes i had exclude processes but still not working up on startup sometimes. yes this is third party aplication extending functionallity of win 7 default firewall.
  10. One more thing i had noticed that my Windows Firewall Control is not working properly sometimes,its not starting up sometimes. I have full latest version.His process is working in task manager but there is no interface at all. I had exclude it in EAM but i am not sure maybe its some software conflict.When i open whitelist page in EAM a files of WFC are not checked properly in the boxes.They are always unchecked. When i disable EAM then my Windows firewall control always starting up correctly. hmm maybe behavior blocking somehow preventing it idk
  11. Hello Emsisoft team. I had installed again EAM on my new installed win 7,and i had tested it a little on malicious links from malwaredomain list and malwareblacklist. I had to say that i am pretty dissapointed with missed url-s especially on first malwareblacklist page. You need to improve your web filtering,it is really going a bit down a hill. Unfortunately i am still forced to use Malwarebytes Pro in order to have better url blocking. Please give us stronger malicious lists..do not understand me wrong you have amazing product i will buy it its really highly recommended ,good price,great de
  12. Thank you Elise. Emsisoft is simply amazing product No 1 people . I am also hearing a news about incoming adware detection improvements in EAM thats very nice.
  13. I am using . Elise maybe you have a beta version now.. I dont use beta updates. I will wait i know you will fix this.. You have amazing product this is No 1 greetings
  14. I have this problem at least one month. I dont have malware i had check pc with mbam ,and dr web cure it
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