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  1. Was promised a trial of a future release to see if that resolved issues but after 3 weeks this has not been forthcoming. I think i will stick with the competitors firewall and anti-virus program!
  2. Took too long to resolve - uninstalled and a firewall from a competitor now on my PC ! If you find a solution please let me know and i will think about reverting back.
  3. This is the setting when it works ok. I have noticed quite a few issues with freezing where Microsoft Windows flashing up saying " end process or cancel" and i have to restart from the power button and sometimes i have to do this more than once before i can see the desktop
  4. I disabled Program guard in OA
  5. Progress is going very slow with staff to resolve my issue so I have uninstalled OA and will ask for a refund i think
  6. I dont think i did have a sandboxed browser open when i launched the help website in SBie control Good point reference the learning mode but i think i read that in this mode, most of the security is dropped so it probably will work as it does when i disable program guard.
  7. Whether I include Sandboxie or exclude it, it does not make any difference.
  8. I choose sandboxed to open the help website and then the PC freezes as OA blocks it. No sure what your second question means ?
  9. dallas7, it wasnt that I didnt bother, I just did not remember to list that I am running the Premium version however I dont think it makes a difference in this instance. None of the programs in the programs tab are blocked, they are all showing allowed/trusted. It is only when i launch sandboxie help on the web through sandboxie control that i get the issue. When i do the same with program guard disabled i dont have the problem.
  10. Yes as far as I know. I have Emisoft AntiMalware, MBAM (on demand), HitmanPro(on demand) and Keyscrambler. All are under firewall exclusions. Sandboxie is not as i was unsure if this should be excluded. NB, I temporarily disabled file guard in OA and the problem went away but i need to have the particular blocked process excluded or something as i still want file guard to run. Hear from you soon. Andy Edit : I put the Sandboxie program folder as excluded but still the same issue and I had to restart my PC from the power button.
  11. No, not a blue screen, just a message comes up saying Windows Explorer not working - end process or cancel. I will send you a p.m. with the minidump shortly.
  12. Can customer support please come back to me on this issue as it is NOT resolved. Thanks Andy
  13. sorry, but system crashed again when tried with IE.(see screenshot) Windows Explorer crashes by the looks of things.
  14. Version (beta switched off)
  15. Yes, all appear as trusted. SbieSvc appears twice though ?
  16. I have subsequently noticed that Chrome.exe is under a recommended security group whereas everything else is under normal - this may the issue ?
  17. Hi, I have done what you say but there is no entry in the programs section. I tried to load the file again but it was blocked again (in history) but there is no record in programs. Each time I try, it freezes my PC and i have to shutdown with the power button and restart again. Can you offer another solution please asap. Thanks Andy
  18. Hi, can anyone advise me how I can unblock this which is logged in the history section- see attached image. Many Thanks for any responses
  19. Thanks, this confirmed my initial thoughts.
  20. Hi, I have just paid for the Premium version so that I get the banking mode. When adding domains and then selecting learn, the OA browser opens for learning the trusted domains/sub domains. My question is, when I select the banking mode status, do i use my default browser to go to these sites as i normally would, or do i right click in OA on the trusted domain and select open which also opens my default browser ?? Thanks for any replies. andy
  21. Hi, I have Avast IS 7 running as my resident Antivirus and MBAM (paid version) running real time too. I used EAM as as on demand scanner from the free emergency kit which picked up a virus which the above two did not. I consequently bought EAM without checking compatability issues but want to know how to configure this to work as an on demand scanner with Avast and MBAM. Also would I I be able to use all of the features of EAM, that is file guard, behavior blocker and surf protection or would I need to disable some elements of Avast/MBAM Thanks Andy
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