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  1. G'day hackerman1 Thanks for your assistance. EAM is now reinstalled and for the moment, all is working okay. At last I can access all of my emails although apparently I can't scan them as I have turned this feature off! Peter
  2. G'day Since installing Emsisoft Anti-Malware (latest updated version) I have been experiencing considerable problems with my Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010. I have also noticed some problems with other software. (1) Microsoft Outlook 2010 starts to load but hangs when it reaches the processing stage. I have been unable to access my emails. (2) Microsoft Excel and Word 2010 load but clicking on the file tab does not reveal the menu. (3) Many context sensitive menus just hang after right clicking. (This also happens to some files and folders in Windows Explorer.) (4) After loading,
  3. G'day Thank you for your responses. Orlanda and Christian: before I could try your solution I had uninstalled Emsisoft Anti-Malware. (I had to use an uninstaller program other than Windows.) Why did I uninstall? Please see my new thread, "Anti-Malware conflicts with Microsoft Office 2010. Peter
  4. Emsisoft Anti-Malware Windows 7 Home Premium X 64 Service Pack 1 AVG 2012 and Emsisoft Online Armor also installed. When viewing Security Status, File Guard is marked as Off with Turn On link to the right of it. Clicking the Turn On link has no effect. Clicking on Enable File Guard from Taskbar has no effect. How do I turn File Guard on?
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