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  1. Thank you, GT500. And MousePad thanks, too. I've solved this problem and I'm now using EAM beta. Here's some information about what I did: 1. I had "Activate email scanning" disabled. 2. I changed the default settings in Office 2010 (File -> Options ->Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings -> Privacy Options), I disabled the following options: Then the Office runs well, quite smoothly. The Office I installed was simplified Chinese edition, it seems that EAM was analyzing the Internet traffic while Office starting by the default settings. I restored to the default settings in Office, and added the Office components to the Application Rules of Guard in EAM as "Excluded"( which means I trust them), this problem was improved. Disable all guards didn't work for this problem. Hope these would be help. Feel free to inform me if you need more information. Regards!
  2. I've just intalled EAM and had "Activate email scanning" disabled, this issue still exist and could be reproduced.
  3. Have you ever tried this on your computer? I've already uninstalled EAM 7.0 BETA, so I wouldn't know is it worked. PS. It seems that I disabled "Activate email scanning" when I have EAM installed on my computer.
  4. EAM 7.0 BETA get Office 2010 stuck when openning documents, not only Word, but also Excel. After half a minute, it would be recovered.