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  1. @ Fabian Wosar I am using Windows 8 x64 with and admin account with UAC off. I am using Emsisoft Online Armor, Anti-Malware, and KeyScrambler. I guess I am just trying to make sure I am well protected because I have noticed someone is attempting to hack into my back account. I have been getting e-mails that someone keeps trying to guess my security questions. I have contacted the bank but I have not got a response from them yet. When I go to my banks website should I put Online Armor in banking mode at least? Is there anything you can think of that I can possible do to make myself a little more secure? Thank you, Rocky
  2. Hello, I have been using Emsisoft for almost a year now and absolutely love it. I am trying to learn more out the software so I can use it to its full potential. When creating rules I for new software I have noticed the "Run Safer" option. Which to my understand will run the program more securely. I was doing some reading around and saw that more advanced users set their web browsers and plugins to Run Safer. I am using Google Chrome. I have set Chrome.exe to Run Safer. When I was reading around about Run Safer I saw threads where people using Firefox are setting not only Firefox to Run Safer but Firefox's plugin container too. I have disabled Google Chromes built in flash player because I was having problems with that version of flash. It looks like Chrome uses beta versions of flash player in their latest builds because when I went to Adobes website the latest version there was not the same. Anyways, after installing flash I thought I would now see flashplayer.exe under programs in Online Armor so I could set it to Run Safer. However, there is no rules for flash player at all except FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe. There is also no rule for Java. I can't even find a rule for Internet Explorer to set it to Run Safer. I am using Windows 8 x64. Could someone let me know what I could try? Also, should I even worry about settings these programs up to Run Safer or should I use it more for programs I am worried about? Thanks, Rocky
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