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  1. Any further steps or things to try? Everything is just slloooowww. It lags after typing each lettter...
  2. Theres the adware cleaner txt. about to run fix. AdwCleanerS2.txt Fixlog.txt
  3. It was given to her from her stepmom, no idea what could be on it. Here are the logs though! I will promptly respond and GREATLY appreciate the help from emsisoft! eekscan1.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Ok so even after these scans i do still notice some popups. Here are the results. 2ndeekscan.txt FRSTsecond.txt
  5. Here are the logs! My computer is running better already! Is there anything else I need to do? Also, what was the purpose of the 'fix' button in FRST? and can i use that same fixlist you made for me over again? Thanks for the help!! JRT.txt Fixlog.txt AdwCleanerS0.txt
  6. I got this new cuomputer< and seemed to have downloaded some maleware. Thank you for the help in removing it! FRST.txt Addition.txt a2scan_141216-184927.txt
  7. OK everything performed exactly as instructed! A windows update tried to occur during the JRT scan. I immediately cancelled it, and then everything proceeded normally. That Fix button seemed to have lived up to its name =P My computer is running much better. Are there any other things to do to finish the removal?
  8. Hi my name is Casey. The problem I'm having is slow performance, internet popups in all browsers, and programs crashing. Unfortunately, I tried using your software just to delete the spyware, but it didn't work. So this means the emsisoft scan came up with 0 problems detected. I'll try to do the next best thing and include a copy of the formerly quarantined files. Thank you for your help!
  9. Hello. I have been working on getting my mothers old laptop to work again. I (hopefully) removed a trojan that was on it, but it still runs sluggishly. Its almost as if the CPU usage was constantly at 100%, but it never gets close.
  10. My pc wont't allow me to start emsisoft or combofix. For some reas a program i did not download (platimun fix) is trying to install and run without my permission. This program looks suspicious. It runs on startup even when i tell it not to, and emsisoft wont run >.< As soon as i open the window it closes itself. What do I do? Please help me emsisoft! I love you guys!
  11. Had to completely uninstal McAfee. Here's the combofix log
  12. UPDATE: Ok no sooner did i post the above reply than my PC decided to restart (thats a new one). Upon reboot, i tried combofix again, this time it seemed to be working. Up until it scans the system for other antivirus programs, that is. It told me McAfee realscan was running, but when i checked, it told me it was off. I enabled it, it proceeded to turn itself off. I went into services and completely disabled McAfee. I tried combofix again, but the same problem. So i went ahead with the scan anyways, while kindly noting it was at my own risk. ( I LOLed) After creating a restore point, It told
  13. Ok there seems to be a problem installing combofix. While installing, an error message briefly pops up. I can make out "error saving files....." before everything closes. I am positive that macafee is disabled, as it won't work, and i double checked. Virus scanning, real time scanning, firewall, and ad blocker are all disabled.
  14. Hello. Just recently after watching videos online i got a barrage of popups. This isnt normal as MacAfee is supposed to block them. However, since this incident I am having problems getting MacAfee to stay on. The real-time scan, ad-blocker, and firewall turn off the instant i turn them on. Also, whenever i click a link from google, (firefox and IE9) i get redirected to a seemingly random site trying to sell me stuff, completely unrelated to the link i chose. After going back and retrying the link 2 or 3 times i will finally get directed to the desired web page. Additionally I have been receiv
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