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  1. Are you serious? The defense + feature is a good one and their firewall is also top notch, but the antivirus generates too many false positives.
  2. Yeah, just 4 which means not a big issue..........but the Ikarus engine generates much more false positives then Bitdefender! Third place from the top! Not bad at all..... I put my trust on Bitdefender....not Ikarus....sorry. Cheers
  3. Did you also check this av-comparatives report? http://www.av-comparatives.org/images/docs/avc_fps_201203_en.pdf Bitdefender never generates false positives. Cheers
  4. Ok thanks for the info!!! Will try it next time.....have a good weekend! Cheers
  5. Sometimes the a2service.exe is even less then 4mb. Cheers
  6. Hello Jessarrons, I am pleased to show you the results, they are using pretty low memory and cpu. Working like a charm together....online armor + Antimalware = great combination! I don't know how to add a printscreen in here but it shows me: a2guard.exe : 340kb and no cpu usage a2service.exe : 15.268kb and no cpu usage as well (idle) As you can see pretty low. Just give it a try. Good luck.
  7. I really hope soon, because I am using the beta now for a couple of days and it seems to work very well and light!! I am very glad with this product. Thanks Bokkie123
  8. Hello guys, I really hope they will add also the phishing protection of Bitdefender, it's the best in the market → http://www.av-comparatives.org/images/docs/avc_aph_201207_en.pdf Another improvement for Emsisoft to add the Bitdefender engine, very effective!! Good choice Emsisoft team, your products are outstanding!! Cheers Bokkie123
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