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  1. I submitted the FP right click report, however the scans have stopped reporting the alert after the latest definition update. Thanks for the advice details for future reference Lynx.
  2. Just scanned and 'Trojan.Win32.Genome.ilpw!A2' was reported with high risk in program files for Cyberlink/Shared Files/Rich Video.exe. Two other virus proggies don't pick this up and i see from the web that this generic Win32.Genome is reported as false positives in many variations. Wondering if any other reports of this item and what the best treatment (remove, quarantine) may be. Cheers all!
  3. Aha, thanks for that Lynx! I disabled the link to the old A2 guard auto .exe and so far all is good! BTW, I am still using a very old free startup control proggy called 'Startup Control Panel' by a guy called Mike Lins, have used it since W98 and it still works a treat if any other folks need to follow your advice but don't have an autorun manager. Thanks again for the heads up (and I was here on the old forum a long time ago actually, just forgot my details).
  4. Hi all. Since the last (large) definitions update (August 3 in Australia) I have restarted my pc on a few occasions running in the freeware mode. Since the update after a minute or so the Emsi user interface screen appears on the desktop without my clicking on the icon. As the configurations are greyed for freeware users (and I can't see a program auto run option anyway) it appears this behaviour has been initiated by the latest update. It is annoying that after a fairly seamless transfer to the freeware version this has started to occur. I hope it is just a temporary glitch or something in the settings. Please advise what should be done to resolve the issue, I really don't want to uninstall the program after many years but if this is a new default configuration I will have to. Thanks, TonyB