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  1. Nightwalker

    Pale Moon a system process?

    So why is Chrome being monitored?
  2. Emsisoft products are worth every penny, but nowdays it is so much more expensive here compared to other solutions like Kaspersky, ESET and Symantec products. For example Emsisoft Anti-Malware costs R$ 71.17 while Kaspersky is just R$ 19,90 (digital download) and ESET NOD32 is R$ 23,00 (digital download). I dont know if Brazil is a important market for Emsisoft, but the price is a problem for us. I think the price is just take of directly converting the value in dollar and applying a discount, but it isnt enough because brazilian currency ("Real") is so undervalued nowdays. Many security and streaming companies doesnt do a direct dollar convertion, they use a regional price and I think Emsisoft could do that too.
  3. Sources:
  4. Nightwalker

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9, as free version

    You dont need to install Emsisoft Anti-Malware if you want just a on demand scaner, you can use Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9 for free Please take a look here:
  5. Nightwalker

    EAM 7 advanced cache is working for File Guard?

    I noticed something interesting , when I boot up with File Guard on some icons dont load in notification area ( including EAM).
  6. Nightwalker

    EAM 7 advanced cache is working for File Guard?

    I dont know why but only OTL.Txt has been opened/created Thanks.
  7. Nightwalker

    EAM 7 advanced cache is working for File Guard?

    Well there is no edit option in this forum? Here my system specs: Windows 7 x64 SP1 , Core I5 2500 , 8 gb ram , just EAM installed. I dont want to give up EAM , i think it is a superb product for a nice price.
  8. Nightwalker

    EAM 7 advanced cache is working for File Guard?

    Just EAM ... Maybe a reinstall can fix this cache problem? thanks
  9. I think there is a problem with my copy because EAM scan some programs again and again making the startup of these programs a little slowly. EAM uses 20 ~ 25 % of my I5 2500 during some programs startups ( like firefox). Its not a problem but after some time if I close firefox ( just a example) and reopen it , EAM will scan it again making a perceptible slowdown. I fell some slowdown even opening task manager ... Ps: With File guard disabled everything runs very fast.
  10. Nightwalker

    EAM v7 Beta new engine

    The boot time is also very fast , but in my Virtual Machine I fell that there is a lot of cpu usage during updates. Just a question to Emsisoft developers: Why the memory usage drops so much after a update ? ( the first update after boot) Hoping it isnt faking low memory usage using Page File , I have 8 gb of ram and I want it used