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  1. Thanks so much staff with the great smile. My Emsisoft scan is now clean! Laurie
  2. Although I was finally able to run fix on Frst64, I repeatedly got the error message: RegCreateKeyEx:5 - Access Denied. In any event, see attached log.
  3. Here's the latest scan. The xml files are gone but a couple of bad(?) registry entries have appeared.
  4. Thanks for you help. Attached are the files per your request.
  5. How can I remove these files? See attached. Laurie
  6. I am trying to set up OpenVPN on Windows 7 but continue to get Error 800. At least part of the solution from Microsoft troubleshooting appears to be to "open Port 1723 enable Protocol 47" on my OA Firewall (paid)...but I have no idea how to do that. Directions would be appreciated along with any other tips for setting up VPN. Thanks mucho in advance, Laurie
  7. Success! Thanks for your help. I wiped my system completely clean of both programs and then reinstalled OA first and then after a couple of reboots EA. Since they're both behaving for the moment, I am going to plop myself down in front of the TV and relax. Thanks soooo much for your help!!! Laurie
  8. OMG!!! I'm tearing my hair out over this! I have disabled EA and ran through the dreaded "Safety Check" again but same problem. Now I'm thinking that I should either uninstall both EA and OL and start from scratch beginning with fresh install of OA with Win Firewall off and no other security. If that works then I can proceed with EA...and let Emsisoft know that they need to specify the order of installation. OR my other option would be to dump both programs and find another way to protect my computer... I'm really at the point of deciding this isn't worth the time or trouble. So what would you advise? Laurie
  9. Thanks for the fast reply CP. The only other security I'm running is Emsisoft Anti-Malware...and yes, I'm trying to install a fresh download from the Emsisoft site. I've tried it both with Windows Firewall on and off...but get the same results. What do you think? Laurie
  10. I just reformatted and reinstalled xp-pro sp3 successfully on my Acer One and then moved on to the odious task of reinstalling all my software including Online Armor Premium. That went well too...until I started it up. The first screen I got was the "Safety Check"...so I ran that and at the conclusion restarted my computer as required (to run OAL). However, on restart when it did not run, I clicked on the program in Start Menu only to get the "Safety Check" again. So I reran it, restarted and lo and behold...it came up again. What am I doing wrong? Please advise. Laurie
  11. When running regular weekly scan, Emsisoft asked to reboot system. Clicked yes, screen froze, did hard shutdown after 40min, rebooted to BSOD with "unmountable boot volume." Now won't do safemode, return to last good configuration, recovery says no hard drive, and cdrom recognized but won't boot XPPro install disks or other restore, diagnose or repair disks. Please help. Laurie
  12. Thanks Princess. That worked....but now only one license (out of 2 I own on this computer) is showing. Any ideas? Laurie
  13. Correction: The correct failure message is "Can not start Online Armor service"...and I see that others are having this problem as well!
  14. HELP! Lately, every couple of days when logging on to my XP-Pro SP3, a message comes up telling me that OLA can't open with something about the servers. So I found a "fix" on the OLA general support that told me to uninstall, reinstall and then run "Trust everything." Well, that worked only until the error reappeared. So I did it again today but instead of getting to setup, I got the following message: "Activation limit reached for this key. Click ok to reset..." Since I'm installing the license on the same computer, I do not understand how this happened. More importantly, I just bought the license last week and don't know how to fix either problem. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Laurie
  15. No. As I noted, I thought I was buying the Anti-Mal/OA bundle but was given a code only for the Anti-Mal probably because I signed up for 2 years when the offer was for one. Therefore, I need to enact the money-back guarantee that expires today and start over. However, I have been writing to sales for the last two days and still haven't received an answer. Unless I do in the next few hours, it looks like I'm going to have to file a dispute. Don't want to do that but don't know what else to do. Laurie
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