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  1. Good job,please let me know the results! Best wishes
  2. Hi, I found a few malwares bypass OA protection(just HIPS,not include anti-malware network database), it's about injection of explore,though I configure OA Premiun like this,stil didn't show any popups. I know it's not allowed to post the malware links here,I’d like to inquiry an email of OA so that I can deliver the malware links to you to further analysis to strengthen OA. By the way I've just installed the only one security product—OA Premium on my Windows 7 X86 SP1,maybe the environment will help you analyse…… Do I make myself understood ? Best wishes!
  3. Hello, See this message,I'm wondering is the new version of Mamutu going to release ? http://www.emsisoft.com/en/kb/articles/tec121016/default.aspx
  4. I'm so sorry,I can't reproduce the mentioned situration.I know it sounds lame,but I did really confront.This is the link:https://rapidshare.com/files/941885384/Logs.7z Best regards
  5. Yse,SBie really was trusted in OA automatically. By the way,I installed SBie after installed OA.
  6. Maybe a Bug? I have just installed the lastest version of Online Armor Free V6.0.0.1736,also installed Chrome and SandBoxie 3.72,some bugs in this mix have already fixed. But when I restart PC, I find SBie can’t start with OS(Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X86) . And I have figure it out by excluding it from OA’s protection, then it starts just as normal. Is this really a Bug?
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