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  1. Dear All, I updated the driver of my video card. Because, it did not improve anything. I decided to remove it. Unfortunately, after removal the computer is now seriously not working properly. It switches off automatcically, it is very slow, and sometimes it displays a blue screen. Before the installation of the driver and before the removal, I made a restore point. I should have 2 restore points on my PC. But I don't know how to get to them. Could someone lead me in the right direction ? thanks.in advance for your help.
  2. Hello Christian, I have the same issue as ruirib. I have an internet security pack. When I open the online armor, and check the licence details, I get a message saying that there is no remaining days on the online armor licence. Herebelow I subscribed to online armor for 3 years. --> Could you update the information about the licence PS: Did not manage to send PM, so could you remove the licence information from this forum ?
  3. Christian, This is exactly want I wanted to do. It works perfect on my PC. Thanks a lot.
  4. Christian, Thanks for your very clear answer. I followed each step carefully. 1/ No probs with deactivating the real time protection for the MSE. When i accessed the services, I double clicked on Microsoft Antimalware Service : "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\MsMpEng.exe" but the popup window is dimmed. It is not possible to change the settings from automatic to manual. 2/ I reboot the computer in the hope that sth might happen. The MSE is deactivated now. I tried to access the services.msc and change the settings of OA to automatic. That time it worked. 3/ I rebooted
  5. Hello, I have windows 7 64bits. I have Microsoft security essential and OA version installed on my PC. I use an administrator account. At the moment, I can start OA manually, but when I go to the services, if I try to activate the automatic start for OA service (oasrv.exe), I get an error message saying "access refused". I would like to have OA to start automatically, when windows starts. If possible, I would like Microsoft Security essential to be deactivated, but not removed. --> How is it possible to do this ?
  6. I use EAM with automatic update On , with beta ticked. The update is set to run every hour. The "Last update" time listed on the Security Status screen says the update has been done 4 hours ago : the last modified date of the signature files is dated 15/09 10:34 When I go to the log file, I get : The last time the update is logged as successfull is the 05 of september. --> It is not logical that the signature is from the 15/09, and That I have a connexion Error in the log file between the 05/09 and today. Can anyone help ?
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