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  1. and how would that be any different from what I attached in the post 4 posts earlier? I have no problem with any further tests you may want, but to ask me to keep repeating the same tests again seems quite pointless. I'm sure your developers can reproduce the problem, since it was acknowledged in another thread that there was a problem with OA and VirtualBox. I have even attached Wincap files so your developers can look at possibly why the DNS replies are discarded. Anyway, I have moved on to another firewall. Its a shame since I really liked OA, but I'm not going back to Virtual PC to
  2. There is a screen capture in the file attached previously which shows "Bad addresss" when I ping Yahoo.com, so yes the issue is there. I proceeded to install wireshark on the PC running OA and also on another PC acting as DNS (using dnsmasq) to the first PC with OA on it. When I ping yahoo.com on the OA PC, I can see outgoing TCP requests to the DNS but nothing comes back according to wireshark. On the dnsmasq PC, wireshark shows both the incoming DNS requests and the reply from the DNS. The only conclusion I can make from the above experiment is that OA is discarding DNS replies leading
  3. Ok. Took a fresh Win7 install and installed OA and VirtualBox. Turned on log and debug mode in OA. Attached the log folder with a screen shot of the ping commands. I sent. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need me to grab any more logs.
  4. Both the Windows XP and Windows 7 are running version . However, I don't see the helper driver on my XP adapter settings. This is the case on 5 different XP machines. I have removed OA on one of my Windows 7 machine and used another free firewall and they have no problem with Virtualbox. Its not that OA is blocking internet traffic, just DNS queries as ping works, and only on Windows 7. I don't believe it is a Virtualbox problem as they work with other firewalls and only DNS is not working with OA.
  5. I came across http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/8540-oa-virtualbox-with-bridged-connection as I was looking for a solution for my problems with VirtualBox. My VMs in VirtualBox work fine in XP, but don't totally work in Windows 7. In Windows 7, DNS queries fail, but pinging the IP address of the site directly works in bridged mode, which means that I can get internet access, but OA is blocking my DNS. My question is what is Online Armor Helper Driver and is it required for OA to work? If so, why isn't it required in XP?
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